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4 dog breeds that never lose their puppy looks

13 Jul 2016 | by | Posted in: Breeds

Aren't puppies just the cutest darn little things? The transformation into adulthood might take a toll on a pup's body, but when you're lucky, you might just have a dog with perpetual puppy looks. Read on to find out which breeds we're talking about.


1. Golden Cocker Retriever (Golden Retriever plus Cocker Spaniel)

The "Forever Puppy" as it's pleasantly called is a cheerful, peppy, bubbly, loyal yet intelligent breed. In multiple hues they come, black, brown, golden, yellow, white and cream. When you merge two of the best breeds around, you’re bound to get a dog that never outgrows its puppy looks, right? Who wouldn't want that?

Image Source: reddit.com


2. Pomsky (Pomeranian plus Husky)

The latest addition to the designer arena is the Pomsky. No surprise that it isn't a pure breed, but essentially a cross breed. A male pom and a female husky are crossbred to give rise to the Pomsky. Loving, intelligent and playful dogs by nature, they are the last breed to ever make you think that they're way ahead of their years! 


Image Source: liverpoolecho.co.uk


3. Golden Retriever

That golden smile seems to be immortal and every time it's flashed at you, your heart melts. Golden Retrievers hold on to their puppy looks like a baby does his candy, and never seem to outgrow them regardless of their age. After all, age is just a number eh? That number, though, yep, still under wraps!


Image Source: wikimedia.org


4. Corkie (Yorkie plus Corgi)

Yorkshire Terrier…Cute. Cocker Spaniel…Cute. And the best of both worlds- Corkie which is, well- double the cuteness!. Okay, maybe it isn't as easy as we describe it, but a little play with some genes and you're bound to get some Corkie, right?  These bundles of joy are filled with that youthful vigour that they never seem to outgrow.


Image Source: wikimedia.org


Somewhere in some parallel universe, these four-legged hounds must be laughing up a riot at the efforts humans go to, just to keep, or try to keep their youthfulness intact! We wonder if that power of immortal youth will ever be bestowed on us lowly humans and if it is.. Hmm.. What might we do with it? Hope the gods are listening!



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