4 Fun ways to help your dog beat the heat

22 Jun 2016 | by | Posted in: Wag News

Getting way too hot, isn't it? For your adorable furball too! So, how about finding ways to beat the heat together? …

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Now that it is the peak of summer once again and you can feel the temperatures soaring, you must have already got a game plan to beat the stifling heat. But wait…have you thought about a game plan for your dog, too? No?... Tsk tsk. Well, dogs feel the heat too. They feel it even worse than we do because dogs heat up easily.

So why now find some fun ways to beat the heat together with your furball. Here are some ‘cool’ ideas to begin with:

1. Frozen goodies - Dogs love frozen treats which help them cool down in a jiffy. The thing is that dogs heat up very easily. Even a little bit of exercise can make them feel terribly warm. So a great way for them to beat the heat is to lick and gnaw at frozen treats which are available in the market. Or, you could also stick a couple of his chewy toys in the freezer. This is the great way for your dog to cool down without spoiling his appetite for dinner what with the frozen goodies.


2. Go for a swim - Most dogs are born swimmers. Taking your dog for a fun swim has two great advantages. Firstly, it obviously helps the dog cool down. Secondly, your dog cools down while doing some great cardiovascular exercise. So it’s a two-in-one-win-win situation with swimming. And nothing like it, if you can join him in the pool and have some fun together! You could even bring home a splash pool and let him take a dip there every once in a while, so he can get some respite from the heat.


3. Exercises in the evenings -If possible, keep your dog indoors from 8 AM to 6 PM, when the summer heat is intolerable. Take your dog for his walk at dawn, or only after it is dark. If the sun is high in the sky and your dog is exposed to that sort of terrible summer heat, chances are that he will fall ill. So do not expose him to the harsh sunlight and let him spend the day in the cool environs of the house, and set aside some time in the evenings for his walk.


4. How about an ice cream – Yes, we know, dogs are not supposed to eat sweets. So here’s how you can cheat him, yet give him a delicious treat…Blend some yogurt with mango or banana and cool it in the fridge for a while…Just like we love our ice cream in the summers, they’ll love this delicious treat too! Don’t be surprised if they come begging for more!

Do try these fun ways to beat the heat with your pet and share your experience with us!











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