4 reasons why cuddling with your dog is good

11 Jun 2016 | by | Posted in: Wag News


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Do you just love when your dog comes and cuddles you with all his love? That’s the most relaxing thing that you could ever experience, isn’t it? According to some authentic researches, cuddling with your pup can make you calmer, happier and much relaxed. Still if you don’t believe us, we are here to give you 4 solid reasons why cuddling with your dog is good for you.


1. Mood enhancer


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After a long, hectic day, cuddling with your pup certainly boosts your mood. This soothing and relaxing feel helps your brain to release endorphins, which are responsible for making your feel happy and comfortable.


2. Ease off your pain


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The happy endorphins which are released when you cuddle and snuggle with your dog, helps you to tone down your pain, physically and mentally. Certain hospitals have therapy dogs that aid the patients to recover from their ailments quickly. Hence, next time when you are feeling unwell, go cuddle up with your pooch without thinking twice.


3. Boosts your immune system


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Cuddling and playing with your pooch increases your immunity. Yes, you heard us right! According to a research of the Bastyr University of Seattle, petting your four-legged friend can help boosting your immune system.


4. Lowers Blood Pressure


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Yes, cuddling and playing with your pet lowers your blood pressure, resulting in a spot-on relaxation. Petting your dog encourages laughter, silliness, and happiness, which in turn help you to lower your high blood pressure significantly.


Your dog loves you unconditionally. Therefore, make sure you don’t take them for granted and play with them often. Love them as they love you even more!

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