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4 Rottweilers Save an 80-year-old woman; Lick her till Help arrives!

23 Sep 2015 | by | Posted in: Wag News

Anyone who's ever gave in to the stereotype that Rottweilers are dangerous dogs should definitely take a look at this story!

An 80 year old woman faced a near death situation when she fell in a field in Gloucestershire in England, getting stuck in a bush for 15 long hours. But she was saved, thanks to the four Rottweilers who came as angels in disguise to save her!



Dave Malt and his visiting nephew were out on a walk with their 4 Rotties - Billy, Tillie, May and Gerrard, when they let the dogs roam off their leashes for a while. They reportedly locked up on the spot where the elderly woman was lying, and this made Malt look up into the matter. He was surprised to find the woman lying there with one of his pups gently licking her face!

The woman was quickly taken to the hospital, where she was treated for the effects of exposure. Now she has recovered well — and all thanks to the keen noses of Billy, Tillie, May and Gerrard!

This story is a strong reminder that the Rottweilers’ reputation is often a fallacy. The AKC (American Kennel Club) describes the breed as ‘an inborn protector, the Rottweiler is self-confident and counters quietly and with a wait and see attitude to various stimuli in his environment."

While some Rotties can be aggressive, then there are many that are as gentle as a mouse! And there are also ways to curb hostile behaviours in dogs.

American Rottweiler Club writes:

For us, Rottweilers are the best breed in the world, but they are not for everyone. They require a calm, firm and steady "pack leader" or else they will assume that role for you! They need exercise, socialization and mental challenges that are highly stimulating. With all these in place, you will have a wonderful companion. But without these, your Rottweiler may tend to become destructive and out-of-control.

Rottweilers have been under attack by breed-specific laws, or legislation that ban the ownership of a few dog breeds based on often-unfair typecasts, in recent times. But, according to the AKC, if given the right treatment, Rotties can be perfectly loving and lovable pets. And as these 4 hero pups have revealed, they could even save a life!

News source: thedodo.com/dailymirror.uk

Representational Image: gelderlandrottweilers.com


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