4 things dogs do to get what they want

08 Jun 2016 | by | Posted in: Wag News

Did you know that, your little ball of fur, your best friend is a smart and clever manipulator? Have you noticed your dog making poses, or avoiding the scolding that you are about to give him with those cute puppy eyes? They look adorable when beg for a treat. Here are our top 4 things that dogs do to get what they want.


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1. Enticing poses


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When you pooch just contort into some irresistible pose and you can’t help but give into his the situation.


2. Let’s play


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Don’t you just love it when your dog is all over you with a tennis ball? Who cares if you watching a Game of Thrones finale or a world cup final. It’s time to play!


3. Puppy belly to the rescue


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Oh so you are not giving your dog a treat? Let him show is cute and adorable belly so that you give him not one but the entire box of treats. Are you going to scold your pooch just because he has left your shoe in an unrecognizable condition? Puppy belly is surely going to save him from all your scolding. *Wink*


4. Puppy Eyes


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Who can resist the adorable and cult puppy dog eyes? These are the most effective on us and even your dog knows it. For your dog, if all else fails, puppy dog eyes will definitely work for them to get what they want.


But who cares, we love our pooches and don’t mind them manipulating us every once in a while for a treat!

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