4 Un-heard Magical Ways A Dog Lives His Special Life (Must-Read)

23 Feb 2016 | by | Posted in: Wag News

New discovery! Dogs not only have bigger hearts, but also lead a way more amazing life than humans. Why, you ask? Because the number of people they made happy in their lives, is far more than we did. And so much more:


1. Greet your life the way your dog welcomes you home! They have an extra-ordinary way of looking at life. Every single moment for them is a celebration. When was the last time you thought an idle Sunday afternoon was worth cheering? When was the last time a simple 'dal rice' meal made you happy beyond words. And when was the last time you appreciated how hard you work everyday?



2. No matter how much a human tries, they cannot match the level of empathy that dogs carry in their hearts. Honestly, they do wonders without even realising how they're changing everything around them. Their love for other species beyond their own is beautiful. The sad part is that we humans, can't even love our own type selflessly. 



3. If your dog can run after the same thing for hours without complaining, why are you scared of hard-work? Its a very simple observation, but think about it, how many times does you dog fetch that same ball and bring it back to you everytime. They make it a game. Why can't you make your goal your fun game.



4. How happy did you get when your dog obeyed all the commands you taught him? Lets be real, you took pride in his achievements and showed off your dog to all your friends. Isn't that feeling just the best! When was the last time you made somebody else feel that was because of you? If dogs can, why can't we?



This is just a paw-step towards a better life. Lets all take it with our dogs by our side!

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