5 Amazing Simple Steps for New Dog Owners to Train Their Dogs

19 May 2016 | by | Posted in: Training

Adding a dog to your life is not only exciting but also challenging at the same time. It’s a full- time job that one has to pursue along with other goals in life. Dogs are scalable resources that can be trained according to our own needs. It can make your life better or worse depending on well they are trained.

So the question is how to train them to serve our needs instead of being trained to serve its needs? Well, there are multiple options to look out for these days. Attending dog classes led by professionals is one of the best approaches. But not everyone, like us, is willing to afford a hefty amount off our pockets for something that is fairly achievable through individual efforts. The plus point here is that training your dog by giving your personal attention will help you create a bond that is unique solving the entire purpose of owning a dog.

Opting a dog according to our lifestyle

Task of training a dog becomes easier if you opt for a dog that is more compatible with your lifestyle. If you have a laid back lifestyle wherein you would prefer a dog to chill out with, go for a dog breed like a pug or maybe bulldog. A dog like English Shepherd would be for people more physically active in their daily routine. Once you figure out the suitable dog breed types, training would just be a walk in the park, quite literally.

So, here are some of the best ways one could train a dog like a pro-

Consider open spaces for training

dog training

Dogs being animals love to be free from the concrete world and enjoy being intimate with nature. A happy dog would learn and retain things more easily rather than a dog frustrated of enclosed environment. Take your dog out for training as it would result in an activity that it looks eagerly forward for. Not to forget that this particular habit would only add up in best of the ways to your physical regime as well.

Go for an apt equipment

dog equipment

Pet breeds in India or throughout the world are no less than a toddler who doesn't require any harsh equipment, but the only attention of the trainer. A leash, a dog collar and few treats could be all that you require to train a dog no matter what size or breed it belongs to. In the initial stages of your training a full grown dog could require equipment but as soon as you are able to achieve the basic goals, equipment would only be the jewelry of no use.

Give immediate rewards

dog treats

Just like us, dogs do tend to be lazy after a heavy meal. The key is to keep the stomach half empty to maintain the level of energy required for a dog to be an active participant in the training regime. The idea behind the empty or half empty stomach so as to say is creating demand for the treats as rewards. The more it wants the treat the more focused is your dog in performing the task.

Keep the fun going

enjoy your dog

Training should be more of a fun session rather than a learned lesson for your dog. You don’t want the dog to think that every time they are out on training with you, the fun stops. Neither do you have to keep the training on whenever they are around. As a creature of less intellect, they are bound to be the way they are and there is a limited scope that you can explore. So don’t get disappointed, acceptance is the only key to be truly free.

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