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5 Awesome Benefits Of Owning Two Dogs!

03 Apr 2016 | by | Posted in: Wag News

 I bet when you got your first pooch home, you felt great! But lets be honest, we all have thought of bringing home one more lovely dog to share your love. The biggest reason why you should get home one more dog is that there will be one less homeless dog. It'll feel special to give a home to a wonderful yet needy stray dog. 

Here are some more awesome reason why you should have 2 doggies!

1. They entertain eachother!

If you have two dogs, they always have someone around for company. When you're not home and can't provide entertainment for your pooch, another dog in the household can be a comfort. It also can often prevent boredom and resulting behavioral issues.



2. Helps them to learn how to socialize!

Being a guardian to two dogs also can be advantageous from a socialization standpoint, particularly in the cases of younger animals. Socialization can be excellent for their emotional development. When dogs spend a lot of time around each other, it can help them learn how to deal with other animals and humans.



3. Role Models for eachother!

If one of your dogs is insecure and lacks confidence, having another dog around who is the polar opposite can be helpful. A self-assured dog can be a positive role model for one who is anxious, high-strung and fearful in temperament.



4. Two is better for the owner!

If you've had a tough day and feel grumpy, tired and cynical, your dogs can help you relax and forget your problems. You can cuddle, pet them, play fetch and feel better.



5. Vacations are much much better!

Imagine playing with 2 dogs throughout your vacation! Them chasing the same ball, competing with eachother and snuggling with you at night!



6. Celebrations are double times merrier!

Birthday coming up? You already have 2 adorable souls on your guest list to receive love from!!



Oh! But they do make you crazy, so make sure you get compatible ones to live together!

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