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19 Jun 2016 | by | Posted in: Wag News

Social networking for dogs is in vogue. Apart from television channels dedicated to dogs, you now have online social communities and networks for dogs and dog owners. Get the most information out of these communities, post any query, get quick answers, share funny anecdotes of your dog; there’s a lot more you can do in these online communities.

Dog communities

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It’s an amazing online community where you can view and share photos and videos of dogs. You can also have a look at breed profiles if you are new to be a dog owner. Get complete information about different dog breeds on this community. You can also post answers to any queries posted online. When you sign up for this community online, you can get the entire scoop about different dogs. Learn about recipes, food, etc that are good for your dogs.

Barkley and paws

Though, there are many pages on social media websites, like Facebook, etc., an entire community dedicated to dogs can be found online. This community has events created for dogs with owners, blogs, groups, polls, and also answers to any of the doggy questions given by experienced vets. You can get information about health and nutrition for dogs as well.


You can create a profile for your dog and interact with other dog owners on this community. Just like Facebook is for humans, a united dog is for dogs of dog owners. If you want to make your dog’s bark heard online, you can join this online community for dogs. Think of any dog topic and get on the discussion board of this community, and scoop out some brilliant dog information.

This is a community that gives you news about dogs and lays a forum for all dog lovers in a single go! Look at the gallery of pictures, and get information about training for dogs and the ideal kennels you can build for dogs.

This is one online community from Australia dedicated to dogs. Browse through the complete index of dog breeds, take a look at the dog shows and get information about how to enter a dog show. You can also use their online classified ads to market or showcase any dog related items for a sale. You can also make a purchase from the online bazaar of this community.

Bored of Facebook dog pages? You can try the new and fresh online communities dedicated to dogs. These communities are more than a Wikipedia for dogs, they are fun!

These dog communities have something valuable to offer to every dog owner. So, regardless of your geographical location, you can put the paw of your dogs onto the online space by signing up on any of these online communities.


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