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5 Dog Breeds That Can Almost Pull Off Being Fish

13 Jun 2014 | by | Posted in: Wag Wiki

With the summer toiling over us, dogs are really having a tough time bearing such scorching climates. An amazing idea for cooling your furries is immersion in water like bathing and swimming.

Some dog breeds love water more than others and never miss an opportunity to splash around.

Have a look at these 5 swimming dogs whose swimming ability will amaze you:

1. Labrador Retriever

They are natural swimmers and have a water-resistant coat. Back in the day, they were used extensively in waterfowl hunting, carrying ropes between boats and pulling in nets for fishermen. They are popular with the Italian coast guard for rescue operations.

natural swimmers

Source - Cesarway

2. Portuguese Water Dog

Originally from the Portuguese region of Algarve, they were used to herd schools of fish, help fishermen set nets and carry messages between boats. President Barack Obama owns two Portuguese Water Dogs, named Bo and Sunny. They have a very energetic and affectionate temperament.

Portuguese Water Dog

Source - Dogwallpapers

3. Newfoundland

Developed in Canada, the Newfies were originally bred as working dogs for fishermen. They were used in pulling and retrieving fishing nets. Their webbed feet and water-resistant coats give them an advantage in water. In addition, their large bones and muscle mass, coupled with their great lung capacity enables them to bear strong ocean tides like a breeze. With such utile features, Newfoundlands are now used for water rescue missions by many coastal services.


Source: I.Dailymail

4. Golden Retriever

One of the most intelligent and most popular breeds known to us today, the Golden Retriever was developed in Scotland when there was a need for a gundog who could tread across both land and water as these regions are infested with ponds swamps and hills. These regal coated dogs are experts in retrieving wildfowl from all terrain.

Golden Retriever

Source: Unofficialnetworks

5. Irish Water Spaniel

One of the largest and oldest of spaniels, IWS is believed to be native to Ireland over the last 1000 years. They have a rugged build and webbed feet, making them powerful swimmers. Over the years they were mostly used for hunting ducks, but now are quite rare in availability. Certain devotees of the breed have again been developing interest due to their unique looks and features.

Irish Water Spaniel

Source: Sidewalkdog

Feature Image Source

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