5 dog breeds that kids will love playing with

15 Jun 2016 | by | Posted in: Wag News

Kids essentially look forward to spending time with loyal, harmless and friendly dogs that also look personable. A brief summary of the traits of the kid friendly dogs can be found in the article below.

1. Poodle

real poodle

Poodle, unlike other common dog breeds, does not restrict its loyalty to one master. They like to interact with one and all. Poodle is not preferred for any outdoors event as they are eminently family oriented. Easy to train, these dogs need constant activity denying which they become destructive and anxiety ridden. This inseparable companion of kids is rightly termed as a great dog due to its personable temperament and patient ways.

2. Golden Retriever

real golden retriever

Golden Retriever, when compared to Labrador, comes across as its close cousin, due to striking similarities in characteristics. This adorable dog is full of beans, and needs strict training to help control its impulses time and again.,Lack of social skills training during early years, renders them highly excitable in the company of other dogs.  Golden Retriever is a family dog that firmly resents being relegated to the backyard. Skin allergies are the primary concerns for the Retriever owners. Intelligence and loyalty are the hallmarks of this species, as per the owner experience.

3. Labrador

real labrador

This popular and smart dog breed, famous for its phenomenal loyalty and patience, has enjoyed an iconic status all along, in the USA,   They usually respond well to consistent and early training and usually display a low frustration threshold They are known to be unforgiving and intolerant of any misbehavior. The Labrador is clothed by an elegant coat in sophisticated black, chocolate and yellow hues. They have a fairly strong constitution healthwise; however, their genetic characteristics render them extremely susceptible to occasional health issues.

4. Pug

real pug

These minuscule sized dogs love to be pampered all the time and constantly seek attention.  These are essentially lazy dogs which thrive in a peaceful atmosphere.  Pugs show an innate resistance to reprimanding. Their life expectancy is around 12-15 years and can be groomed very easily,

5. Beagle

real beagle

Surprisingly, these easy going species were bred for hunting purposes earlier. These people pleasers are essentially low maintenance, and look gorgeous, yet frail with a delicate constitution. Blessed with kid friendly temperament, Beagles require some strict training regimen that renders them easily manageable. Beagles have a keen sense of smell and an unstoppable obsession for food  Consistent training is the key to bringing the best out of them.




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