5 dogs that are living a millionaire life

01 Jul 2016 | by | Posted in: Wag News


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So, you thought we humans were the only ones who could live a life of utmost luxury? Well, the richest of us would have a hard time competing with the richest dogs in the world! Some of these dogs have received great inheritances from their doting owners.

Here is a list of five dogs you’ll envy for leading a millionaire’s life:


1. Conchita

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Conchita is the beloved Chihuahua of the late Gail Posner. In her will, Gail left Conchita a whopping three million dollars in a trust fund, and a Miami beach Mansion!


2. Pontiac

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Betty White’s Golden Retriever has to be one of the richest pooch in the world what with Betty leaving Pontiac five million dollars!


3. Gunther III

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And here’s the German Shepherd with a really aristocratic name – Gunther III ! Carlotta Leibenstein left Gunther III a whopping eighty million dollars in 2010 when she passed away. When Gunther III passed away a couple of months later, Gunther IV, his successor, inherited the money.


4. Lauren and Sunny

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Oprah Winfreys’s beloved springer spaniels Lauren and Sunny will receive a part of an estimated whopping thirty million dollars that she has set aside for the care of her dogs.


5 Sadie

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Yes. Oprah Winfrey again. Sadie is Oprah’s beloved Cocker Spaniel who will also receive part of the thirty million dollars that Lauren and Sunny will receive.


These mighty huge inheritances and the grand, luxurious lives these pampered pooches lead have also lead to many legal battles with wills being contested by appalled relations. With such money going to the care of the pooches, and in some cases, all the money and the estates too, it’s obvious that angry sons and daughters and sisters and brothers are contesting these controversial wills.

Nevertheless, there is no doubting that these dogs lead grandly luxurious lives that will rival that of any millionaire’s. With every sort of luxury that money can buy, these dogs are leading the material dream! Well, these pampered pooches sure have AMAZING lives!

If only we could be one of them….sigh! 

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