5 dogs that are more active on Instagram than I am!

06 Jun 2016 | by | Posted in: Wag News

Dogs on Instagram!... Really? And more active than most humans? Why not! Have a look at these 5 pooches that have taken the social media by storm!

Time to move over, humans. This is the age of canine creatures taking over the world. With a whole arsenal of weapons like the Sword of adorableness and Shield of mushy lovability, how is it possible to stop the pooches from taking over? After capturing the hearts of people around them, dogs around the world are now also taking over the virtual world.

Adorable dogs around the world are now dominating the social media platforms, with hundreds of thousands of followers going ‘Awwwww…!’  So meet the five dogs who are currently ruling Instagram—

  1. Joey Bateman— Meet Joey, the cutest little Yorkshire terrier who currently has over 200K followers in Instagram. Joey, who stays in Los Angeles with his papa Nick, shot to internet fame with scores of hilarious photos with awesome captions by papa Nick. So what does Joey do in his free time? Well, Joey exercises. Lolls around. And…does some doggy lovin’ with his soft toy.


  1. Keeva Bateman— Meet the other Bateman, another adorable Yorkie who is stealing the hearts of netizens all over the world what with the cutest pics ever! Wrapped in a sweater napping with a remote on top; playing mafia boss with a hoard of cats as bodyguards; sleeping like the Vitruvian yorkie while sunbathing— the classy pooch has it all.


  1. Maddie— The amazing golden-furred, white muzzled doggy who is just SO photogenic that Maddie’s photographer of an owner cannot stop clicking! Maddie has almost half a million Instagram followers, and the fan base just keeps growing and growing. Maddie is the perfect model too. You get to see artsy photos of Maddie against stunning backdrops of (what certainly looks like) the Grand canyon! How is that for a photoshoot huh?


  1. Marnie— Marnie. The dog who made it against all odds. She was found on the streets of Connecticut when she was ten. She was taken to an Animal Shelter where she was named Stinky. Marnie was taken in by Shirley, who took her to NYC, and took excellent care of her. She had fourteen decaying teeth extracted, and her clouded eye was also treated as best as it could be. Now Marnie is the most followed rescue dog on Instagram.


  1. Trotter— Trotter, the French bulldog who is now the diva of San Francisco. She is so famous now that people on the streets recognise her! She has thousands of Insta followers, what with her unsurpassable cuteness.


These five pooches are truly ruling the online world. So, watch out humans…the world of canine cuteness is taking over!



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