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5 Dogs That You Will Never Forget

04 Jul 2014 | by | Posted in: Wag Wiki

What exactly does a dog have to do to earn such unprecedented respect from its fellow human companions? Some dogs have shown no bounds by achieving eternal fame. It is not only from the owner but the entire tribe or the town as a whole. Their stories can leave you with watery eyes. Their courage, loyalty and unfathomable companionship have seen statues being erected in their honor.

We decided to compile five such dogs from around the world who have been commemorated for their character by an act of loyalty, bravery on any such remarkable feat. They must have held some form of value while they were alive to have been eternally immortalized by millions and their names have been etched in history for particular reasons respectively. 

1. Waghya
Waghya was the pet of Chhatrpati Shivaji a humble ruler and agile warrior, who guarded Maharashtra with all his strength. It is believed that when Shivaji died, Waghya mourned his death and was grief-stricken.  The day the final rights were supposed to be done for this Shivaji the dog jumped into the funeral pyre and immolated himself.

vaghya 1


This unimaginable love and undaunted faithful companionship saw his statue being erected in the same place as Shivaji’s Tomb. You can still see Waghya on the pedestal right next to Shivaji’s tomb at Raigad Fort in Maharashtra.

2. Hachiko
The word loyalty and Hachiko is always said in the same breath whenever we talk about dog and human companionship. This loyal Akita displayed devotion towards its master, which is not always seen or heard of. Hachiko was the pet of a professor in Japan and everyday this handsome dog would come to the Shibuya Station to pick up the professor and then both would walk back home.



The professor never returned one day in 1925 as he suffered a cerebral attack and died but Hachiko kept showing up to the station every day at the same time to pick up him up till 10 years till it died in the hope that one day the master will return. This man’s best friend has a statue erected in Tokyo, which is today one of the local meeting spot of the teenagers.

3.Greyfriar Bobby
Greyfriar Bobby is sketched forever in the hearts of Edinburg residents forever. This Skye Terrier has won so much adulation that he has a statue that is place in the town square in Edinburg, Scotland.



John Grey has Bobby and he who worked as night watchman with Edinburg Police Force he use to take Bobby with him on his night shift and they were the best of friends.  Bobby died of tuberculosis in 1858 and was buried in Greyfairs Kirkyard. Bobby never left the grave even in the worst of the weathers till he died. Such heartfelt emotions saw the town people making a shed for him near the grave and giving him food. Along with of course a statue in the town square.

4. Fala
Fala is one of the most celebrated dogs of all times. This black color Scottish terrier was a constant companion for Franklin D Roosevelt and accompanied him across the world. He slept near the president feet and was given food by the president himself. In fact he even wore a leather collar with a silver plate that read, ‘Fala, the White House.’



Fala passed away in 1952 and was buried near the President himself at Hyde Park. Fala is probably the only presidential pet to be honored with a statue. You can see this remarkable pet sitting beside Roosevelt in the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial in Washington.

5. Balto
You can see Balto in one of the most famous parks across the world that is Central Park in New York. It has been almost 85 years that this Husky has adorned this place. The placard placed with the statue reads. 




"Dedicated to the indomitable spirit of the sled dogs that relayed antitoxin six hundred miles over rough ice across treacherous waters through arctic blizzards from Nenana to the relief of stricken Nome in the winter of 1925. Endurance. Fidelity. Intelligence."

This heroic dog traveled almost 674 miles across the terrain to deliver the medicines and give life to people there.

Please share any other dog monuments that you may have seen that commemorate a heroic or a loyal dog. 

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