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5 effective ways to keep your pet healthy during monsoon

02 Aug 2016 | by | Posted in: Health

Monsoon is the time for everyone to rejoice, to bathe in the rain and to splash in the water. It’s natural for you to be enthusiastic about the rainy season but it’s also more than natural for your pet to fall sick during this season. Although the greenery during monsoons is good for your pet but there are certain precautions that you need to take in order to ensure your pet’s good health during this season.


Here are some ways to keep your pet healthy during monsoons –

1. Keep your pet’s fur dry

Image source: www.animanbehaviorcollege.com

Wet fur is likely to create a foul odour and can lead to yeast and fungal infections. Make sure you dry your dog after a walk during monsoons. You can also blow dry them to remove the dampness.


2. Regular grooming  

pic 3

Image source: www.chiddinglydoggrooming.co.uk

Schedule visits with a veterinarian especially during monsoons and get your dog de-worming medicines/injections. Clean your pooch’s paws, ears and trim its nails frequently. Make sure you cut its extra hair and check for ticks or fleas as well as any skin infections that the dampness in the air is likely to cause.


3. Conduct activities inside the house pic 4

Image source: www.mikeseroni.photoshelter.com

You can play fetch or other games with your dog in your house, balcony or garage. It’s advisable to keep your buddy away from the damp ground or grass as they are breeding grounds for infections.


4. Keep your dog’s bedding dry

pic 5

Image source: www.dogster.com

Damp bedding can lead to your dog catching cold or fever and can also cause pain in its joints. Nothing is more comforting for a dog than a warm bed during monsoons.


5. Give your furry buddy a healthy diet

Vegetables Or Meat For The Dog

Image source: www.dogmagz.com

Make sure your dog eats only freshly prepared food, that too in a clean bowl. Water/food should not be lying around in a bowl for a long time as it may get contaminated. Give your pooch a special diet during monsoons, full of proteins and fibre so that its immune system remains strong.

Simple tips can keep your dog fit and fine during monsoons!

Do share other useful tips below which can help other pet owners take precautions during the rains.

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