5 essential commands your dog must know

11 Sep 2016 | by | Posted in: Training

Dogs are really smart! Won’t it be amazing if your furry buddy listens to you when you tell it to come, sit or wait?

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Teach your dog these 5 essential commands and they will be closer to you in a jiffy :

1. Come: 

Knowing that your dog will be right by your side the moment you tell it to ‘come’will actually give you a good night’s sleep. After all, that will ensure the safety of your dog. You can take your dog to a park and verbalise the word ‘come’, along with walking backwards and doing gestures with your hands that will make it realise what ‘come’ means.

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2. Sit:

Ever experienced that moment when your dog moves swiftly around you in your home or in a park? Ever had the urge to tell your dog to sit at one place? You can easily teach your dog the meaning of the word ‘sit’. Tempt your dog with a delicious treat and hold it an inch away from its nose. Take it farther up and tell your dog to ‘sit’. As it comes into the ‘sit’ position by lowering its butt, pat on its back and give your dog its treat. Don’t forget to do this every day with your pup.

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3. Drop it:

Your dog is prone to putting wrong things in its mouth, things that are poisonous or dirty or not edible. The ‘Drop it’ command will be a life saver and will prevent your dog from destroying that pair of shoes or that carpet you love. While playing fetch with your dog, every time it takes the ball in its mouth, say ‘drop it’. Either the dog will drop it accidentally or you will have to open its mouth and take out the ball, in either case, praise it so that it knows what ‘drop it’ means.

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4. Leave it:

If your pup is the kind who will hold anything be it an animal or something pointed and not realise the danger, you ought to teach your dog to ‘leave it’. Walk your dog past a toy but keep it slightly away from it so that your dog tugs and tries to grab that toy. As soon as your dog pulls towards the toy, say ‘leave it’. Repeat this activity and don’t forget to reward your dog every time it obeys you.

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5. Wait:

Tired of your dog’s hyperactivity? The moment you open the door of your house or your car, does your dog rush towards the road? Your dog needs to learn to ‘wait’. Open the door of your house with your dog in a leash. As it tugs to move out, pull it back and say ‘wait’. Gradually, your dog will understand what ‘wait’ means.

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Remember to always reward your pooch when he listens to you. Share other essential commands which can benefit dog owners out there!

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