5 exercises that you will enjoy with your four-legged friend

12 Jul 2016 | by | Posted in: Life with Dogs

There's a lot more to Doggy walks and a little fetch with your four-legged friends you know. Here's our list of activities you and the jolly canine can embark upon for some fun filled doggy master bonding time.


1. Hiking with your dog

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Who doesn't like an early morning hike? So instead of that walk in the same old park, how does planning a little hiking escapade sound? Dogs love adventure and if you do too, you just found yourself the ideal hiking buddy! Keep in mind that you can't exactly grab your four-legged friend early one morning and drag him along for some hiking. It requires a little bit of training so you'd have to gear him up for that before you set out. We reckon about a week or so before you're all set to set out. 


 2. Doggy boot camp

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Has it just been you and the pooch for far too long? Want to switch things up a bit? We've got just the thing! Many cities organize doggy boot camps that meet up in parks. Owners, as well as dogs, participate in some action packed activities. This is a great way for your four-legged pals to meet another maybe! If there isn't a doggy boot camp around, fret not. Why don't you just start your own? You can begin with the neighbourhood dogs or the ones you see in the park. 


3. Keeping fit at the beach and in the water

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If your dog is a water lover, why not plan a little weekend trip to a beach? It could be something as simple as playing ball by the shore or a quick little dip in the water. Either way, it's something new, he's bound to love the new experience, and so will you. What, with all this best friend bonding who wouldn't have a ball? Just do a little rain check first on whether the target beach allows dogs within or not. Of course, standard rules apply. Just like how you can't enter the water right after you've stuffed your belly full, neither can the pooch. The last thing you want is doggy-insides flavored water!


4. Camping

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So that's a thought a little out there, but it could actually materialize if you plan accordingly. Well, camping alone is just plain old scary if you ask me. Don't you think it would be way more fun with your little canine friend tagging along, to scare the ghouls away and what not? Make sure you have all your doggy essentials before you set out and a separate tent for the pooch, if that is, he's a snorer or the other way around!


5. The Doggy GPS

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Well, if we're following the old grind, strap on that leash for the pooch, walk to the nearest park and boom, we're back to where we started from. How about you let the doggy do a little leading. Let him lead the way for once and see where you end up!

So there you have it, some exercise for yourself and the pooch. Well, what are you waiting for? Get on with it already!

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