5 important jobs that only a dog can do

11 Jun 2016 | by | Posted in: Wag News

Just like millions of us wake up every morning and get ready for work, similarly, there are so many pooches that suit up as well. Here we are with some of the jobs that only a dog could do. These dogs are trained thoroughly and manage to deliver some amazing work ethic that could astound you. To succeed in our professions, let’s get inspired from these adorable dogs.

1. Therapy Dog


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Love can heal everything and what better when a cuddly furry friend comes and loves you even more. Therapy dogs of diverse breeds are appointed in hospitals, colleges, schools, nursing homes etc. These pooches have a job to cheer up the sad and make people smile. According to stats, therapy dogs have helped many to recover a lot of patients. A therapy dog has the capability to tone down anxiety in patients.


2. Rescue Dog

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In times of catastrophes, rescue dogs are there as saviors of many. These pooches not only have the ability to detect human scent in snow and water but are also successful in sniffing out hazardous gasses. All dogs are capable of trailing and tracking, however, bloodhounds and German shepherds adapt easily in different terrains.


3. Police/Military Dogs


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Dogs have been helping the men in uniform since ages now. Police and military have been appointing dogs for search and rescue. These furry friends are a big part of the military and are given due respect. Military pups have saved lives of many and continue to be heroes for us!


4. Herding Dogs


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In valleys of New Zealand and Australia, you would find pups herding the farm animals. And to our surprise, they have extreme proficiency in doing so. For example, Border Collies guide the livestock by leading them to particular directions.


5. Guide Dog


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During World War I, dogs used to guide the visually impaired people. They continue to do so till now. However, these pups are trained well to do so. In today’s time, German Shepherds, Labradors, and Golden Retrievers are experts in doing this job.


No matter what breed, but these four-legged furry friends are serious about their jobs and make sure that they put a smile on your faces whenever needed.

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