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5 Lovely Lessons To Learn From Your Dog

02 Feb 2016 | by | Posted in: Wag News

Does your dog impress you with his behaviour everyday? Ofcourse, he/she does. They are the best role models and they teach us things nobody else ever can, in the best way possible. Lets try to make them proud!


1. How to wait patiently for everything that excites you or you look forward to in life. We don't realise this, but our dogs are the perfect example of maintaining their calmness in challenging times. (Remember how they wanted to go for a walk but they waited for so long till it was evening and we were taking so long to get ready? They waited, without complaining.)



2. To try new things in life. They don't hesitate from exposure and experiences. Dogs teach us how life is our playground. We should live life to its maximum by enjoying every day and exploring new adventures everyday. (Remember how they wanted to chew every thing in your house from the newspaper to the furniture? Thats called being very daring!)



3. How to care for every soul around. Yes, they show us how to love another person, without judging them. They don't care about anybody's caste, religion, colour or status. They love the same if you're rich or poor, old our young, black or white. This lesson is one of the most important ones that can change the way people treat eachother. (Remember how they treated you the same even when you got a bad haircut, or got rejected in a job interview?)



4. Sometimes its okay to give yourself a break. You don't have to all the time run after targets and goals. You can let go, take a deep breath and do what your heart says. If today was the last day, what would you be doing? Your dog has a very chilled out attitude in life and always focuses on being happy and comfortable. Learn that. (Remember how your dog chose to sleep the entire afternoon, even when he was supposed to stay up and meet all your guests?)



5. Loyalty. How can someone be as loyal as a dog? By never leaving the side of your loved ones even when its a very difficult time. To never go behind somebody's back and hurt them. Many times we think its okay to be selfish for ourselves. Your dog never believes that. He shows how every moment in life needs to be for good and beside the people you love and care about. (Remember how he walked with you, through everything in your life? And still does.)



There are a hundred more lessons they teach us. Our dogs are truly one of the best teachers. Lets try to be half as good and caring as them. They'll be proud of us!

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