5 Must Have Products To Remove The Distinct Dog Odour From Your Pet

25 Jul 2014 | by | Posted in: Grooming

A dog’s smell is their identity card and tells other dogs who he/she is, their whereabouts and perhaps their mood too. But have you ever wondered why your pooch ends up having bad odour? Bad odour in dogs is a common issue especially in the monsoon season. With a humid and damp weather during monsoons, your dog’s fur may stay damp and lead to bad odour. Unfortunately during monsoons, it is not easy to give your pooches a bath regularly as frequent bath not only strips your pets skin of its natural oils, the damp weather can do no good in drying it off.

The other factor for that distinct odour is infection in the ears. It is integral to clean the ears on a regular basis. Along with this the teeth have to be brushed and if you have pesky pets then an oral solution has to be administered with the food to ensure that he or she does not have bad breath.

Last time we talked about 8 ways to make your dog smell good. Now here is a list of the 5 must have products in your arsenal that will help you to fight that odour.

Violent Sea Mist Replasent Isle of Dogs

Isle of Dogs

This Isle of Dogs dry bath can be a blessing in disguise for all pet owners as it is easy to use and leaves an enchanting fragrance of violets behind. This is a neutralizing spray that not only eliminates odour but will behind an intoxicating fragrance of fresh flowers.  You just have to spray it on the coat and rub it across the body.

PetHead Dirty Talk Deodorizing Dog Shampoo

Dirty talk deodorizing dog shampoo

Bath is a very important ritual towards eliminating all kinds of odour from your pet. The PetHead Dirty Talk Deodorizing dog is a dual purpose product. This will ensure a clean coat for your dog and will leave behind a mesmerizing fruity smell. The deodorizing agent in this formulation will help the fragrance to stay longer in your pet.

PetHead High Maintenance Leave-in Dog Conditioner

This is the perfect conditioner for those people who are hard pressed for time. It is easy to use just apply it on your dog’s coat and leave it there is no need to rinse it. This will not only help to maintain a soft coat for your pet but will ensure that he or she smells of fresh strawberry. This can be the perfect weapon in your arsenal to beat the odour woes.

Petkin Waterless Spa Shampoo Green Apple

The overcast skies make giving a bath to your pet a little difficult. The waterless spa shampoo for dogs will ensure a clean coat for your pet and will help to maintain the perfect pH balance. It is easy to apply on the coat. Just spray it over your pets coat and rub it well into the skin. The resultant is a coat, which smells like green apple.

Dog Calm Ears/ Petkin Liquid Oral Care For Dog


The Dog Calm Ear Drops are best suited to overcome any kind of ear infestation due to yeast or bacteria growth. These can be a prominent cause for odour in your pet. The drops will help to avoid all kinds of anti-bacterial and anti-fungal infections in your pet.

Oral hygiene is another aspect that needs special attention to ensure that you have an odour free dog. The Petkin Liquid Oral Care for dog can be the perfect solution to ensure oral hygiene in your pet. The regular use of this magic solution will prevent plaque and tartar that are prime cause of causing odour in your pet. The solution is simple enough to be administered with food.

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