5 Pet Boardings in Delhi - NCR That Offers a Home-Like Environment To Dogs

16 Jul 2016 | by | Posted in: Boarding

Are you a human who has to go someplace and can’t take your canine with you? Do you want to leave your little furball at home but don’t want to at the exact same time? Well, to help reduce your anxiety we have dug up the 5 best NCR pet boardings that offer a home-like environment for your cutesy canine! So, let ‘em play around and have some fun!!

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1. Fetch Pet Boarding, Faridabad

Fetch Pet Boarding in Faridabad is no less than a home away from home for dogs. In fact, they have all the liberty to hop around on the sofas and beds and play freely all over the spacious facility, where all the members of the family pamper each pet with a lot of TLC. The best part is that they are not tied up in a corner on a leash, as is the case with most pet boardings. Rather, they can play around with the endless toys and other canines and are even taken for a walk at the time specified by you. The best part is that they don’t serve standard meals for all dogs…They are served the food requested by you at the time specified! And honestly, don’t be surprised when you get back to pick them up and don’t see them sitting teary eyed in one corner, coz believe us, they would have had a ball-of-a-time when you weren’t around! 

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2. ALFA 11, Gurgaon

It’s time for you to stop worrying about your dog being a misfit because ALFA 11 has just the complete package for you when it comes to the varying dog personalities. Interesting, no? Now, you can either opt for Home Boarding or Farm Boarding, depending on your furball's nature and preferred environment. And once you’ve made your decision, rest assured, your pooch won’t get homesick in the care of the ALFA 11 family.

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3. Cuddle Inn, New Delhi

It’s too sad that this pet boarding only offers its services to animals because the name has convinced us that it’s our probable destination too. J Do you find the name just as cute? Wait, cause you’re in for even more! Not only is it a cage-less facility, but all the guests here are welcome to roam around as they like and conquer places as they will. Not to mention, all pooches can cuddle with other adorable animals for however long they like!

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4. Pets Home, New Delhi

Nothing says home like Pets Home. Yes, ladies, gentlemen and respective members of the canine family, this is yet another cage-less pet boarding facility in Delhi NCR. And the best part about it is that no distinction is ever made between any of the dogs, regardless their nationality; Indian or foreign. Because of this and the enormous array of other facilities, your fluff-ball is sure to feel like home at Pets Home!

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5. Canine Elite, New Delhi

The name itself is an elucidation of the kind of pet boarding facility it is. When it says ‘Elite’, it literally means that pooches get to live a lavish lifestyle in their own pet suites! Each dog gets extra special attention, be it in the aspect of feeding, walking, grooming, swimming or just... Breathing! Canine Elite honestly makes us wish that we were dogs; the attention, care and comfort here is just too overwhelming to be put into words here.

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The aforementioned pet boardings are some of the best to be existing within the perimeters of Delhi NCR. All of these are unique in their own way and similar with regards to feeding, playing, walking, grooming, and the list goes on. Now, say bye-bye to your furball’s homesickness and hello to its mother of utopia!

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