5 popular videos of talking dogs!

22 Jun 2016 | by | Posted in: Wag News


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If only animals could talk, there would be no loneliness on this planet, plus you could have the most loyal and interesting company! Dogs love to learn, and you can watch these amazing videos where they make amusing attempts to talk.

Dogs have become popular for their singing, dancing, talking talent. Yes….you read it right!...There are dogs who can talk too!

Well, there is certainly more to a dog than their bark. When owners train their canines with word power or any skill, it’s amazing to watch how meticulously they learn these skills. In these videos, you can watch dogs speak like humans with a decent clarity of words. They have developed the ability to pronounce different words and speak in different expressions.


1. Mishka - the popular talking husky

This has been one of the most popular video series of the Miska, the husky dog. Learning to speak like a human, and understand human language has been her extraordinary skill.


2. This is one dog that is too naughty and cute

Every word is pronounced with such clarity, it is unbelievable. Not just English, but, Spanish, and French too! A video not to be missed, and oh, who wouldn’t want this dog! Well, you know the talent of a ventriloquist. Still, this video is funny.




3- Mishka again, says she loves her home

Most of the Mishka videos are real! The husky does know how to talk and keep the conversation going!



4. This dog knows his tricks!

Funny video of Shiba Inu doing his trick and talking to his owner!



5. Dog wants a kitty, and is excited to get one!

This video is well made, and worth a watch!

Now aren’t these videos are pure entertaining? It’s time you try and get your dog to speak a word or two. Who knows, they  could be smarter than you think!

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