5 Reasons Why Every Child MUST Grow Up with a Dog!

11 Apr 2016 | by | Posted in: Wag News

Dogs are said to be the best playmates for your kids. These cuddly and lovable furries help your child in a big way. Most of the parents have only one answer, when their kid asks them for a dog; “Either you are gonna live in the house or the dog.”

But have you ever heard of pets helping in child development? No? Well, we are here to guide you about the same! If facts and stats are to be believed there are some huge benefits in terms of child development if you have a pet dog at home.


Constant friend

Having a cuddly little friend all the time is one of the best thing during the childhood. A dog is one such friend. It’s an experience of a lifetime. Keeping child development in mind, having a dog can provide your kid a great comfort. If you kid is afraid, angry or sad, dogs can cheer up their mood in one go, resulting in a stress free environment.



Healthy living

According to some studies and researches, children who have dogs at home fall sick less often in their initial age. The microbes and dander that are present in the dogs tend to improve the immune system of the child. Children who have dogs as pets are secured from catching allergies. Win-win situation isn’t it?




Having a dog at home will certainly help your child to learn a little sense of responsibility. You can give your child a duty to take the dog for a walk in the evening. This will help your kid to make a routine on his own and make sure that it’s their dog too; they need to take care of them equally.



Great listeners

Did you know that dogs can actually help you in your kids' school homework? No, not by eating it, but actually facilitating reading practice to the kid! Yes you heard it right! Some of the schools have programs and workshops that motivate the families to bring a dog so that the kid can practice reading by reading to the dog. This is not only an exciting experience for the kid but it also develops the reading skills of your kid to a great extend.

Reading in Bed


Ditch the gym

A dog would make your kid physically fit. Yes!! Even if your child is not into any outdoor sport or doesn’t like to exercise even a bit, then getting a dog could turn out to be one of the best solutions. If you get a dog then walking him or running around him is a great exercise. These physical activities would certainly perk up the health of your child in an immense manner.



Happiness is just a dog away

Possibly one of the top-notch advantages of getting a dog for your child is happiness. It will make them super happy. Your kid interacting with the dog will stir away all the tension and stress he has in mind and make them be more relaxed and stress free. When we play with a dog, it releases dopamine and serotonin that are responsible for positivity and tranquility.



Keeping all the above mentioned reasons aside, playing with a dog is plain fun. Getting a dog for your kid will certainly put a smile on his face and make him happy for a lifetime. However, just take your time in deciding as what kind ofa dog is your kid is willing to have and which dog is the best for everyone in the family. If this decision is made with all your heart, your child’s development would certainly be done in a better way!

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