5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Dog's Day Out

20 Jun 2014 | by | Posted in: Events

How many times have you come across people refuting the concept of owning dogs?

‘You cannot take your dog here!’

‘You cannot own a dog in this neighbourhood’.

I am quite certain every dog owner has heard a similar offensive statement at least once!

Is it fair to take one’s freedom away by not allowing a pet into your house?  Is society’s hatred towards animals justified? Only reason I can see where I would support the anti-dogs community is the problem of dog owners not picking up after their dogs. With so many products out in the market ranging from pick-up bags to large scoops, there is no excuse for dog owners to get their hands dirty by picking up after their dogs and disposing it appropriately.

dog litter Source: Wordpress

However, the false claims of big dogs prone to biting and should be allowed to live in ‘civilized’ neighbourhoods is the epitome of lack of education. These fear-inducing statements go a long way with children who are instilled such negative thoughts towards animals by their parents.

A very innovative solution has recently been introduced by the concerned pet community in Delhi-NCR who have come up with an event called ‘Dogs Day Out’. The concept of this event if for dog owners to meet up in an open facility where dogs are welcome and can be left off-leash for a few hours to explore and finally be dogs. Upon interaction with several new and seasoned dog owners who visit this event, we compiled the few main factors why they made the effort of taking their little furry creatures out to Dogs Day Out.

Here are some reasons why such a concept is useful and needed across our country:

1. It’s Play Time!

dog play

With the domestication of dog from more primitive species like the wolf, came the elongated  puppy phase where today’s adult dogs will have the youthful play- drive in them for most of their years. Dogs Day Out (DDO) nurtures such a habit, not just with the dog’s immediate family and environment but in other areas where they are allowed to roam free.


2. Best Way To Socialize Dogs


dog party

We all agree that socialization is an integral part of a dog’s mental balance and disciplined upbringing. But not all dogs are suitable to be introduced to your dog due to some disposition of aggression or other anti- social habits. This is where DDO comes in the picture as it provides a few hours of uninhibited socialization with like minded dogs and other humans besides the dogs’ immediate pack .


3. Meeting Fellow Dog Lovers

people group

Discussing dog-related issues and stories provides a lot of comfort to both novice and experienced dog owners alike. DDO is a portal for a cluster of like-minded dog owners meet and discuss their dogs, their issues as well as certain ideas they might have towards the welfare of both pet dogs and street dogs.


4. Kicking Away Boredom


 peaople + dogs

With urban families unable to provide enough time in the day dedicated towards their pet dogs, most of the troubled dog cases we see are involved with boredom and separation anxiety. The daily antics of clawing, whining and ripping papers are all symptoms of boredom and leaving dogs alone for too long.


5. Let’s Not Forget: Exercise!



One of the most important part of a dog’s well-being is daily exercise. Exercise is the base element for a happy dog in terms of training, better health and staying calm indoors. For a dog to be happy, it is important that all their instincts are catered for. It is easy for us to try and humanize the dog but most owners fail to look into their perspective when being worried for the dog.

Note: DDO is not an excuse to alternate the dog’s daily exercise requirement. Although the dog will be exhausted after the event, a brief walk before Dogs Day Out will ensure your dog behaves calmly amongst others.


It is amazing how dogs learn good and bad habits from other dogs so much faster than the time it takes us to train them certain things. At the end of the event, when you notice how happy your dog is as well as exhausted (mentally and physically); it will prove how all these elements like exercise and socialization are useful for a dog’s daily balance.

Such a concept has gained so much popularity that the Facebook group crossed 1000 members and still counting!


Photo Credits: Divya Gopakumar

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