5 Reasons Why You Should Be Going Backpacking With You Dog Rightnow

14 Aug 2017 | by | Posted in: Travel

Think about that lovely smile you see on his face when you come home after a long trip up in the mountains, he jumps over you almost making you fall to the ground and lick you trying to catch all the smell that you picked while you were up there. He missed you, beyond your imagination.

Do you see how he instantly follows you around? He doesn’t want to miss any chance of being with you. Now think, what if you could take him on the trip! Scared? He might get hurt, he might get lost. For one second, keep all your worries aside.

Here are 5 reasons by Tails on Trails why you should be thinking of backpacking with your dog right now.

1. Let his adventurous side come out: Every dog has an adventurous soul. We are sure everyone must have done something exhilarating & breathtaking sports. Now take your dog to try some of them like Dog Sledding, Ski Joering, Dog Hiking etc.

2. A Healthy Dog is a Happy Dog: Also, he's happiest when he spends time with you. Leaving him behind would surely be hard on both of you. You miss him and you know he’s at home missing you. So why not take him along ?

3. You are never alone: Think about the time he first came into your life. For first few months he was all you could think of. His regular needs were your biggest concern. And ever since you brought him home he has never left your side, not once. If he is with you up there, you’ll get to experience the same rush of emotions and affection towards him like those first days. He will be your companion in happy and hard times. You both will bond like never before.

4.They are not only the best body guards but also amazing guides: Dogs not only smell danger from miles but they have the ability and the brains to deal with potentially dangerous situations. With your buddy by your side, you can roam free in the camping site without fear. They are a great guide, with a dog by your side who has an amazing ability to smell, they’ll help you know the path you are going.. you can never get lost at a trek or if you are exploring the jungle on your own. He’s always gonna bring you back home.

5. They are the best and the smartest companion: Don’t be scared for even one second that he’s going to get lost. He is a smart animal, smarter than you even. He’s gonna follow you around anywhere you go, everywhere you go and believe me nothing beats seeing your dog run free. Let him be out of the four walls of your house, he might be tired greeting the same bitch every morning… Take him along and show him Himalayas.

Let him have a good run in the amazing green valley, his tail and tongue swinging with joy.. It’s the best sight, for both you and him.

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