5 Things Every Pet-Owner Expects From Indian Railways

26 Feb 2016 | by | Posted in: Wag News

Travelling with dogs by train is cheaper as compared to air travel, but it is quite complicated at the same time. To increase to the tension that the dog already has during travelling, indian railways makes it further traumatising for dogs. Every dog-owner will agree that these points should be taken care of to smoothen the long travel journey:

1. Railways allows dog in first air conditioned class coaches of the train, otherwise dogs will be put in the brake van of the train along with luggage. Now, we can all agree that not all pet owners can afford such an expensive journey. But we also know that no pet owner would want their dog to travel alone.




To give a background, there are dogs who assist the police to sniff out trouble in railway stations, but there is no security for a safe travel for dogs. At any time, if any co-passenger has a problem, he can remove the dog and send him to the brake-van where he'll have to travel in a cage. Is that really fair?


2. Even if one decides to keep one's pets in the break van of the train, the owner will have to put the pet into a cage, make him wear a collar and a leash. Besides that, it will be the owner's responsibility to feed the dog during traveling. So, during long journey, as it is not possible for the owner to go and keep a tab on the pet, it becomes difficult for both the pet and the owner. Arrangements should be made before-hand to keep the dogs fed and monitored.




3. Despite permission to travel with your pet in the first class, if anyone objects to it, the pet will be put in the brake van irrespective of the fact the passenger has paid all the charges. Pets, especially dogs, who are accustomed to move freely in the house or sleep on sofas or beds do not like to be caged and so many pet owners do not prefer to carry their dogs by train. But most places in India are connected through railways, leaving very less options for thedog- owners. 




4. Dogs when carried in the break-van, air conditioned first class passenger compartments will be charged luggage rates on the basis of weights subject to a minimum charge of Rs10 per dog, but not allowed in air conditioned sleeper coaches, ac chair car coaches sleeper class and second class coaches. The first class compartments have reduced, leading to more hassle while booking seats for dog-owners. The eligibility of coaches for dogs should increase.




5. Owners to provide collars and chains and make their own arrangements for food and water for the dog during the journey. But, what about their need to go to the toilet? Some train journeys are longer than a day, in such cases it becomes awkward and inconvinient to make arrangements. As the number of dogs travelling have increased, the indian railways should look into issues like these.




These days, people prefer to travel with their pets. A good dog-owner would not leave their dog behind. To encourage such people the indian railways should address these issues.

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