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5 Tips To Train An Aggressive Dog

02 Jun 2014 | by | Posted in: Training

With the multitude of years of dedication and research put down by many savants, us humans hold an integral part in the domestication and evolution of dogs. What is more fascinating is the plethora of breeds that we have today developed for serving multiple purposes while aiming to assist people in various tasks they were employed in.

On the other hand, we have the social dog owners; the city dwellers who are choosing the breed by how it looks. Cuteness factor or touch appearance are two of the few criteria owing to the popularity of the breed. But dogs have been unable to fully adapt to the city lifestyle where lives are spent going to work and paying the debts. Read article On - How to train a Dog

Why we are discussing humans so much is because aggressive dogs are a major product of the chaotic lifestyles metropolitan families choose to live. The types of aggression however are still quite subjective. But in my personal opinion, almost all cases of aggression in dogs have something to do with a human’s negligence. Most common types of aggression that dogs possess are aggression towards people or other animals and aggression over territory and food.

Many people, who are either ill-informed about animals or have a particular disliking for them have an overly dramatic reaction to someone’s aggressive dogs. Again, the frustration in dogs that leads to aggression is most likely associated with an ignorant human being taking up the responsibility of that canine.

Aggressive Dog Source: https://www.dog-obedience-training-review.com/


Although every such case needs to be addressed variably there are some constant rules that we have listed out here to provide a glimmer of hope for those poor misunderstood creatures who are not very balanced mentally. Here are a few tips for you to consider when attempting to calm or train an aggressive dog.


1. Exercise is one of the most fundamental elements of getting any headway. A critical part of aggression is pent up frustration in high energy dogs and working dogs who are holed up in a tiny enclosure for long periods of time with rarely any form of physical satisfaction for the dogs. Most dogs actually require at least 30 minutes of daily exercise to attain balance.


2.  Establishing a hierarchy in the dog’s pack which may include your family and other animals is an advisable strategy with such unruly cases. If a dog respects the human’s authority, he is less likely to snap at people and easier to control.


3. Remaining calm while practicing discipling over such dogs is again critical. Any sign of fear or panic around these dogs triggers a nervous response which is highly counter-productive while aiming to achieve happiness in the canine’s mind.


4. Socialization of aggressive dogs is again one of the most important building blocks in rehabilitation, as lack of socialization is why such cases are imbalanced. Subjected them as many external stimuli as possible including people and animals of all shapes and ages. Compassion and affection towards these disheartening beings can go a long in achieving composure.


5. Lastly, seeking professional guidance will be the best option for novice owners or ones who seem to have given up on attempting to train an aggressive dog. Many dogs are misunderstood and thence subject to unnecessary distrust and hate. Some cases lead to the entire breed becoming a stereotype of aggressive behaviour.


Aggressive Dog

Having established that all cases are variable, the minute strategies applied will be different for every case, while keeping the aforementioned tips a constant.

I will have to insist on the fact that the just like we owe credit to mankind for developing such fabulous creatures as our pets over the years; it is no one but humans in a dystopian paradox who have led to many unbalanced, nervous and potentially dangerous dogs. In addition, such behaviour is almost always fixable so our intent should be spread awareness towards hope and not defeat.


Please share your aggressive dog cases including what steps you took to curb such a behaviour.

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