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5 types of dogs you meet in every dog park

09 Jun 2016 | by | Posted in: Wag News


Image Source: www.joburg.co.za


People like us who live in cities would understand the importance of a dog park. When you and your dog are in the park, we are you must have noticed some typical dogs, ranging from a lazy one to a Casanova. They are totally fun to watch. Here is a list of 5 types of dogs you meet in every dog park. Who knows, your pup might fall into one of these categories.


1. The lazy one


Image Source: cupofjo.com

This dog is the one where you actually wonder why he has even come to the park. The moment he enters the park, he finds a comfortable shady place and just snuggles and sleep. All you could do then is wait for an activity. Leave him for more 15 minutes, you would find him napping.


2. The squirrel chaser


Image Source: dogtime.com

This dog is hyperactive and chases every squirrel, bird or for that matter any moving object.


3. The active one


Image Source: northashevilledogpark.com

This dog is an exact opposite of the lazy one. He will happily go and meet other dogs, pounce, sniff, play or even jump into a spontaneous wrestle with other dogs. With so much of energy in him, this dog loves to ruff up the entire park.


4. The Casanova


Image Source: www.shuttershock.com

This is indeed an overfriendly dog, which has a different way to greet his fellow dog mates. You would find his owner apologizing to every other dog parent. This dog is generally seen mounting onto every other dog he meets.


5. The Clique Diva


Image Source: wyomingmi.gov

This pup would be seen followed by other dogs, just like you saw in Mean Girls. You might find that have a gossip session under the bench, in a while they are near the water fountain. When some other dog tries to intervene, you will notice the group getting into a discussion.

Don't forget to tell us in comments, what category your dog falls into?

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