5 Ways to Find a Good, 'Ethical' Breeder

08 Apr 2016 | by | Posted in: Wag News


Thinking of buying a pure bred pup? Well, before taking that big step you need to have full knowledge about the pup you will be taking back home. A hastily made decision can turn out to be your worst nightmare.


These 5 points need to be kept in mind while searching for a genuine dog breeding house.

1. Visit the breeding house

The most crucial thing is to find out where and how the pup was born and raised. Knowing the background of your new family member is of utmost importance as you get insight into the early days of their life which make a huge impact on the health and mood of the pup.


2. Sign a contract

A good dog breeder will be ready to sign a contract and take guarantee of the pup's health. This is a good way to ensure that the breeding agency takes care of its pups and is responsible towards them. He will let you show the pup to a vet and take a decision based on your preferred vet's call!

Also, because some genetic conditions don't show up until the age of 2-3 years, a good dog breeder will keep the pups with them till then.


3. Hygienic conditions

While you visit the breeding house, take notice of the surroundings to get clues about the way the house treats its pups. Is it clean and spacious? Are the pups living in a friendly and relaxed environment? 

One word: Observe! 


4. Meet the mother It is commonly said that, in dogs, the temperament is heritable to a great extent. So make sure to interact with the mother and get to know her before buying her pup. An aggressive and crabby dog is surely not what you want to end up with. 


5. How often are the dogs bred?

If the dogs are bred too much then obviously it will be difficult to take good care and provide attention to everyone. This might lead to negligence of some and a huge disaster for you if a neglected pup comes to your home.

Puppies with mother

Everyone wants the best but only a few are ready to make an effort. Try to do lots of research before you settle on getting that furry friend; I'm sure you won't regret it later on! 

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