6 Beautiful Emotions Your Dog Felt But Never Expressed

06 Jul 2016 | by | Posted in: Life with Dogs

Ever thought how thankful your dog is that you found him and gave him the life every dog dreams of? Your dog has emotions that are stronger than you own. That is because they feel everything in the purest form. Here're 6 emotions your dog felt but never expressed to you:

1. If I were to tell you how much you mean to me, I would have made you cry every day. You mean the world to me. You're every action has my attention. your every word has my focus. 


Image Source: safebee


2. The only time I am sad is when you have tears coming down your face. The only time I want to be able to speak is when you're upset. Because I want to tell you everything will be okay and you don't need to doubt yourself even for a second. You're my perfect human.


Image Source: pinterest


3. Remember the time you taught me how to shake hands? That was so much fun. I know I acted like I only did it for the treats. But that's not true! I did it very slowly because it meant I could spend more time with you! You make everything fun. You're where all my energy comes from!


Image Source: wikihow


4. When you click my pictures, I feel like a rockstar. I feel like you think I am pretty. You obsess over me. You love me. You can't live without me. I feel privileged. 


Image Source: hdwallpapers


5. That time I took out my anger for you not being around on all the things at home. You came in and kissed me. When you did not scold me because you knew I did it only because I was alone made me realise that you're so thoughtful. I loved you more every day.


Image Source: shutterstock


6. Life will be tough one day. That day we will not be as happy as we are today. So sometimes I feel you can give me some more time. Some more minutes before you leave for work. So more weekends with just the two of us. Some more walks late at night.


Image Source: condorbreaks


Life is indeed too short. Make the most of it. Turn off your laptop and go sit by your dog. That's what I'm going to do after typing my last word here.


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