6 Beautiful Ways to Deal with the Loss of Your Beloved Pet..

06 Apr 2016 | by | Posted in: Wag News

There isn’t a single thing that a pet lover wouldn’t do just to be able to spend one more day with their deceased pet. Losing a pet is the most gut wrenching experience a parent can go through. Nothing in this world can prepare you for the day. It is a thought that no parent would ever want to imagine.

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We understand that dealing with this pain cannot be described, however, with time, you can survive the loss. It is with this hope that we suggest the following ways to help you cope with the unbearable ache.

1. Talk to a fellow parent – Most people who aren’t pet parents or in a few cases, even your family members themselves, wouldn’t be able to grasp the depth and intensity of your pain. Pet parents generally avoid talking about it. The loss of a pet isn’t something that can be survived within a few days or weeks. Don’t engulf yourself in the pain; connect with people who have had similar experience and share the pain. Trust us, it helps!

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2. Visit dog shelters - Spend time amongst the needy souls who deserve a proper home but are instead living in a shelter. The time spent caring for them can be a cathartic experience in lessening the agony of the heart.

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3. Emotional Independence – Often a times, pet parents tend to bog themselves down with ‘what ifs’. What if I had taken my dog to a different vet? What if I had detected their pain earlier? These ‘what ifs’ have no answer. Your pet knows you did everything in your capacity to ease their pain. It is time for you to realise this too. Don’t beat yourself and your spirits down.

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4. From ashes to tree – When you are in the grieving period, a part of you would yearn to lash onto something that belongs to your dog who is no longer a part of your world. Planting is a powerful medium to commemorate your dog and turn their memory into a living one.

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5. Inked for life - People often get tattooed for things that add meanings to their lives. Inking a tattoo that symbolizes the love for your pet is a leeway to your pent up feelings you don’t want to speak about.


6. Adopt a new pet – Sometimes the notion of not being able to do something is bigger than the task itself. Adopting a new pet is but a gateway to release all that love locked inside you. Your pet up there in the heaven will vouch for it. They know that your loyalty for them will never fade away and deep down in your heart, there is a corner reserved just for them. Your heart will learn to love again.

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The memory of your friend gone will never leave you, nor will your fondness for them. The best thing about love is that it only grows when you share it. The love for your pet doesn’t end with your pet gone. Don’t contain it, spread it with all that you have. The more you give love, the more you receive it.

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