6 easy ways to get rid of fleas

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As a pet parent, I am sure you would be worried about your pets catching fleas and ticks. While fleas and ticks are a menace, it is imperative to keep them away from our pooches. Though there are various shampoos and powders that have chemicals in that that may harm the skin and the fur.


Though there are different natural remedies that may be used to take care and control of fleas infestation. It is not necessary that the same remedy will work for everyone and hence one will have to use a mix and match of the remedies will serve the best results.

Regular bath

Simple baths with herbal shampoo and cold water are a great way to keep the fleas at bay. Regular baths keep the skin clean and reduce the occurence of fleas.

Daily combing 

If your pet is prone to flea infestation, regular brusing with a flea comb will be helpful. Daily brushing reduces the recurrence of the fleas.

Short fur, flea free fur

If you are a pet parent to a long haired pooch or cat, it will be a good idea to have their fur shortened so that it becomes easy to comb and manage.

Disinfect the house

Fleas not only reside on dogs and cats but also in our homes. Using a strong disinfectant will help take care of the flea infestation in the house.

Switch to a vacuum cleaner

Vaccum cleaners are a much better way to get rid of dust mites and fleas. While sweeping with a broom, chances of fleas jumping and escaping are high.

Keep the garden clean

If you have a back yard or a garden, make sure that tall grass / places with debris have been cleaned out. Planting such herbs as eucalyptus, lavender, citrus plants or having trees such as neem in the yard will help keep the fleas away.

In our next article we will share with you how you can use simple things and ingredients from your pantry to get rid of the fleas. We would also love to hear what methods you use to keep fleas and ticks away from your house.

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