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6 Heroic Dogs Who Saved Human Lives

01 Jul 2016 | by | Posted in: Wag Brag

Dogs are famously known as loyal creatures who stay by your side always, in sickness and in happiness, but there are some dogs who have taken the concept of loyalty and servitude to a different level altogether.

Read on to discover the bravery tales of such canines.


1. Trakr Saves Human Life


Image Source: www.nydailynews.com

German Shepherd who is famously known to locate the last human survivor at the World Trade Centre Attacks during 9/11 attacks. Trakr dug out some 30 feet of unstable debris, and his heroism is so much celebrated that he is going to be cloned for use in other police rescue forces!


2. Roselle Leads a Blind Man out of Danger


Image Source:  www.pinterest.com

Another such dog who helped rescue his blind master out of the 9/11 attacks and successfully saved his life. When the building started to crumble and the air filled with choking smoke, Roselle, a Labrador retriever, lead Michael to safety, guiding him throughout.

She had such an impact on him that he wrote, “I’ve had many other dogs, but there is only one Roselle.”


3. Kankuntu Rescues Family From pirates


Image Source: moderndogmagazine.com

It must sound like a film story but such a wonder happened in real life when a dog fiercely attacked armed pirates to save his family and in the process took a gunshot and several stabs by the hijackers. But amazingly, the dog was nursed back to health and all of them lived happily ever after.


4. River fights a snake


Image Source: www.youtube.com

Two Australian girls were playing when their dog spotted a two-foot long rattlesnake slithering nearby. Without having second thoughts, River leapt on the poisonous reptile to save the little girls. Although the snake bit the dog, causing him to suffer paralysis, River made a full recovery and made way for a new-found love in his owner’s heart.


5. Norman Rescues a Drowning Girl


Image Source: ilovemydogsomuch.com

Norman, a blind Labrador Retriever, often went to the beach to play with his owner. One day when he heard the cries of a girl drowning in the sea, he immediately ran to save her despite being blind. Listening to the sound of her screaming, Norman found the girl and guided her onto the shore gently. 


6. Belle Calls 911 for Collapsed Owner


Image Source: www.nbcnews.com

Belle, being a therapy dog, is specially trained to detect the blood sugar levels of his owner, Kevin; he being a diabetes patient. One day when Kevin crashed on the floor from a seizure, the brilliant Beagle bit into the phone, just on time to save her master. If it hadn’t been for the smartness and quick action by the dog, Kevin wouldn’t have survived.

For centuries people and dogs have shared a deep bond which knows no bounds and these true incidents are a testament to it!

Most of the dog owners must be having such tales when their pooches surprised them and crossed the expectation limits. Share your wonderful stories for the world to know!!

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