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6 Home Remedies for Your Dog

01 Jun 2016 | by | Posted in: Wag News

Home remedies are a big savior especially when we are under the weather. Not only us, but also our four-legged friend can also be treated with home remedies. These are simple, and mostly importantly do not involve any kind of harmful chemical.

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1. Vitamin E

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Vitamin E is good for us and our pooches. This saves your dog from dry skin problem. Just massage a little Vitamin E oil directly to his skin, or give me a soothing Vitamin E bath. If this is not feasible, a pill would be great for him too. However, before giving your furball a pill, we recommend you to consult a vet.


2. Fluids


Image Source: canigivemydog.com


Fluids like pediatric drinks, electrolyte not only refresh us humans, but they are superb for your dog too when he dehydrated or are suffering from vomiting or diarrhea. For the dosage quantity, consult a vet for sure.


3. Chamomile Tea


Image Source: aboutpetlife.com


Chamomile tea has natural purifying effects, which can cure your furball’s tummy. This is generally recommended for anxiety, gas and colic. It is also successful in easing little skin irritations. All you need to do is to cool it down in fridge followed by spraying it on the affected area of your dog’s skin. A warm tea bag of Chamomile helps to soothe irritated eyes.


4. Oatmeal


Image Source: oatmealcookie.typepad.com


You notice that your dog is scratching more than he should. Don’t worry at all, oatmeal to the rescue. Grounded oatmeal mixed with warm water can be applied to the rash area on your dog’s skin. Healing is pretty instant and itchiness goes away rapidly.


5. Epsom Salt


Image Source: www.doctoroz.com


A warm bath in Epsom salt will certainly help your dog to treat ailments like swelling and minor wounds. Soaking your furball in Epsom salt water twice a day can work wonders. If bathing is a problem with your four-legged friend, then create heat pack with clean towel. Drench the towel in Epsom salt water solution and apply to the wound. However, bear in mind to check with a vet before doing it.


6. Borax power


Image Source: www.instructables.com


If your dog has fleas, the quickest home remedy for the same lies in the form of borax powder. Form a lemon and borax power solution and spray it on your dog’s body. This will not only prevent him from fleas, but also make him smell refreshed and clean. It’s not at expensive and easy on your pocket!

It is essential to take care of your pooch, especially when he is feeling a little ill. And these home remedies will help you in taking care in the most natural way possible. Also, we offer the best medications for your dog's healthcare and wellness. Check them out here. But remember to ask the vet first! *Woof*

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