6 Honest Reasons You Should NOT Date A Dog Owner

05 Jul 2016 | by | Posted in: Life with Dogs

With so many articles telling you should totally fall for someone with a dog, you are being tricked. I will tell you the real thing. Don't get brainwashed by that cute dog pictures they show you with themselves. Don't let their obsession with their dog make you think they are cute. 

You can thank me later:


1. Dog owners will never keep you first

Was this even an option? NO. For them, the list of important people begins with their dog and ends right there. You will be nowhere!


Image Source: express


2. There is no lazy morning in bed

That's because they have to wake up early and give food to their dog. They will skip cooking your breakfast altogether. Or they might have to take the dog to the park!


Image Source: loveskrillex


3. They will never be ready for impromptu weekend getaways

Never, because what if its the weekend to take the dog to the vet for his routine vaccination? Or what if it's the trainer's day? Nothing will make them have their dog compromise his routine.


Image Source: today


4. Your stuff will get destroyed very soon

Even the special handmade a card you give them might get be chewed and torn. So be prepared for heartbreaks. AND THEY WILL LAUGH IT OFF!


Image Source: zivontinje


5. They will share the bed with their dog

And you will always have to travel to their place. Because they will never leave their dog alone. Too much care for the dog.


Image Source: urdogs


6. You will have more dog park dates than the normal ones

And honestly, do you want to be surrounded by that smell all day? It's hardly romantic! And they will keep asking you to take their picture!


Image Source: pinterest


You've been warned! Don't say nobody told you this before...

You all agree right? Let us know in the comments below!

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