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6 life lessons kids learn from dogs

10 Jun 2016 | by | Posted in: Wag News


Image Source: favim.com


Kids are quick learners and their childhood becomes even better if they have a four-legged friend by their side. Dogs are not only fun playmates for your kids, but also a protector, a partner in crime, and moreover a one in a million best friend. However, your kid can learn a lot from your pup. The life lessons are endless. Here are some of the lessons that your child can learn from your beloved pooch.


1. Be yourself


Image source: www.checkthisyo.com

Notice and observe that your dog is never ever scared to be themselves. They are what they are. When you kid spends more time with your mutt, it assists them to build their confidence and teaches that it’s totally fine to be a little silly sometimes.


2. Listen


Image source: io9.gizmodo.com

Sometimes your dog can turn out to be as perplexed as you. Having your kid grow up with a pooch will make them a good listener. This is certainly an add-on to a good communication.


3. Imagination is the key


Image source: www.coolanimalworld.com

Dogs are a perfect example of showcasing that one should never stop dreaming. A strong bond between your dog and your kid can give rise to your kid’s actual interests.


4. Sharing


Image source: www.petliquids.com

A dog in a kid’s life is always good. They teach you so much, one of them is sharing. Learning how to share your food or space can be much more fun with a dog. Of course, include the slobbery kisses!


5. Live courageously


Image source: www.petyourdog.com

Dogs believe in living life fearlessly. You can’t help but be inspired. Pups are not afraid to try out new things, and showcase how beautiful life can be, even if mom has made compulsory to eat our veggies.


6. Love


Image source: nspt4kids.com

Dogs love you selflessly. A perfect example is when you leave them home all day and when you are back; they welcome you with all their heart. This develops a sense of selfless love in your kid too.

Bringing a dog into your kid’s life is one of the best gifts you can give to your child. Go on, adopt a pooch today!

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