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6 reasons why you should never have a black dog!

13 Jun 2016 | by | Posted in: Wag News

Image Source: www.wallpaperscraft.com

The feeling of being passed over for someone equally worthy as you, only because of your appearance is the one no one would ever want to go through. However, it is a feeling most dogs with black coats face. A dog has always been a man’s best friend. So why is there a disparity basis the color of their coats? If dogs are God’s creation, why aren’t these fur babies considered for adoption? We believe the following are the reasons why people don’t want to adopt a black dog.

Looks clean for the long haul – Have you ever seen a golden or a brown colored dog out in the rain, playing in the mud? Yes, that problem isn’t so visible with black dogs, they visibly look much cleaner than all the other dogs. Of course, black dogs have their own grooming and cleaning requirements. But a black dog owner can get away with periodic laziness because their dog would always look clean! This makes us wonder, do the black dog haters, not like cleanliness?

Image Source: www.dogtime.com

Everything suits them – Black dogs are every fashion designer’s dream! From a deep red collar to a neon green coat, they can carry it all off. Probably a bad choice if you don’t want to pamper your dog with goodies.

Image Source: www.changebydoing.com

They are loving – Yes, they are as loving as any other dog. So until and unless you have a certain aversion to being loved, black dogs fit perfectly with the family and make it complete.

Image Source: wwwlookanimals.com 

To shed or not to shed – People who own black dogs never have to worry about pesky dog hair showing up on their clothes. It’s a perfect camouflage! Maybe the other category likes to wear dog hair up their sleeves.

Image Source: www.stuffpoint.com

They are loyal – Yes, that’s true too! They will stick by you in your sickness and wag their tails in your happiness. Of course, it’s a different thing if you don’t like having loyal and trustworthy friends around your life.

Image Source:www.huffingtonpost.com

Black beauties – Black dogs emit sheer class. With their shiny coat, they have a certain regal air around them. They have an arresting personality and are easily noticeable. They have an alcohol brand named after them, for crying out loud! We understand if you don’t like all the positive attention and want remain hidden from the world.

Image Source: www.mariloureflects.blogspot.com

Whether it’s white, brown or black, all dogs deserve the same amount of our love. Therefore, one could be a bit more open-minded when it comes to making black dogs a part of the family. They give the same reactions, play the same games, they wag their tails in the same manner and they will love you just as much as all the other dogs!

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