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6 Weird Dog Phobias

14 Jun 2016 | by | Posted in: Wag News

A dog is certainly man’s best friend and a protector for you and your family. However, some of them get scared easily, because of their weird phobias. There could be a variety of causes for the same, such as traumatic experience, aging, separation anxiety etc. So, if your dog is acting weird, check the list below and see if your dog has any of them.

1. Vacuum Cleaners


Image Source: www.consumerreports.org

Some dogs start barking or hide under the bed as soon as you vacuum clean your house. Dogs are used to licking the floor with tongue, and the loud noise and odd motion might scare your pooch. To make him more familiar with the vacuum cleaner, give him a treat every time you are vacuuming your house.


2. Halloween and Men


Image Source:www.danspapers.com

Fear of men could happen if your dog has a traumatized past. Same goes for the costume drama. If he had limited exposure to costumes and different styles, Halloween might scare him literally. To treat this phobia, introduce your dog to the costume slowly and gradually. Or opt for a dog trainer.


3. Astraphobia


Image Source:www.australiandoglover.com

Astraphobia stands for fear of thunder, which is commonly seen in dogs. As soon as they detect thunder, some pups bark, some urinate some exhibit aggressive behavior. To make it better for your dog during thunderstorms, offer him a treat, or play a thunderstorm audio even if the weather is clear outside. This will make him familiar and not scare him when the actual time comes.


4. Fireworks


Image Source:humanesocietytampa.org

Most dogs have fireworks phobia. We all know that dogs’ senses are much more developed than humans. They hear noise in higher pitches; hence, imagine what fireworks would sound to your dog. To treat this phobia you need patience, don’t push them to come out of the room during Diwali time. Sometimes anti-anxiety medications also help, however, consult a vet from feeding your dog any.


5. Vet


Image Source:www.iloverescues.com

Another most common fear amidst dogs is fear of going to a veterinarian. When you take your dog to the vet for the first time, it generally involves vaccinations, which is painful for sure. Hence, some pups develop a phobia of going to a vet. The best way to treat this fear is by taking your dog to a vet just for socializing and not any kind of vaccination or medication.


6. Car ride


Image Source:www.dogsbestlife.com

If your dog even had a bad experience of riding in a car, like a car accident, or being car sick, or going to animal shelter etc, he might get scared as soon as you take him for a car ride. Treating this fear could be as simple as a cake walk. Offer him treats when you take him for car rides. But remember to start with shorter rides.

Understand your dog and his fears; this might help you and your pooch to bond better and stronger.

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