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7 Amazing Dog Facts You Had No Idea About!

26 Apr 2016 | by | Posted in: Wag News

Dogs are the coolestof all domesticated animals. Not a single hand is expected to be raised in opposition to this fact. We all know they have enhanced vision and sense of smell. They are intelligent too. What is more intriguing is the fact that we only know just a handful of facts related to our pet dogs. We bring forth dog facts that you had no idea about and will help you in understanding your furry pal even better.


1. The day dreamer

Do not take it literally though! They dream whenever they doze off for more than 10 minutes. An EEG test conducted in a controlled environment revealed a brain mapping similar to humans, when asleep. This indicates that they go through the REM (Rapid eye movement) phase of sleep just like humans. However, the duration of REM will differ from breed to breed. No marks for guessing what your furry pal is dreaming!

2. Your thumb, their nose

Let us tell you a cool trick here. Dip your dog’s nose in ink and obtain its impression on a paper. Next time when you go hunting for your lost dog keep the paper in handy. They are your dog’s ‘fingerprints’, and not his pug, unlike what you thought of. Each dog has a unique combination of ridges, creasesand spots, much like what humans have on their fingers. Do take our advice with a grain of salt, as we do not see your dog feeling amused at your newly acquired detective skills in the near future.

3. Their grossness is justified

We know how their poop eating and backside sniffing can be irksome. But it is perfectly natural. You heard it right! Of all the holy places on earth, they have scent glands on their backsides, which they use to identify friends and foes. Regarding the notorious poop eating habit, well it is a pre-domestication bane coming straight from its ancestors. As it grows and learns the tricks of being civilized from you, it will soon let go of the habit.

4. Know the wag

Do not assume that since you returned home early from office, your dog is wagging its tail gleefully. It might also go on to show how frightened it was when it was alone. A curl of the tail to the right with steady wagging indicates that he is happy, unlike a wag to the left, which indicates that it is frightened. When wagging low combined with dilated pupils and exposed teeth line indicates its insecurity. It is a clear warning to stay the heck out of its sight.

5. Black and white vision- a myth

Contrary to popular beliefs, dogs can see the world in colour. The only shortcoming of their vision is the inability to distinguish between shades of red and green. This is due to the fact that dogs have two cones in their eyes to detect colours, unlike humans who have three. Blue and yellow are the two prominent shades in their visual range.

6. Born blind and deaf

Puppies are born blind and deaf. They are born with their ear canals and eyelids closed. This is attributed to their evolution, as dogs are primarily hunters and it is difficult to hunt during gestation. Early delivery was advantageous here and in between hunting periods partially developed offsprings were taken care of. It is the greatest irony that once born blind and deaf, they grow up to have an amazing vision and hearing.

7. Emotional beings                                &n bsp;                                &nbs p;                                     

Think twice before hugging your neighbour’s dog right in front of your own. Dogs are known to exhibit feelings of jealousy, and love too, for the record. However, they lack feelings of guilt, contrary to what is vouched by dog enthusiasts. What we see in those sparkling eyes is our own remorse at snubbing our best friend!

Amused by these facts?....Well, man’s best friend certainly has all the qualities to surprise him.

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