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7 Dog Breeds Perfect to be Your Second Dog!

19 Apr 2016 | by | Posted in: Wag News


Having a best friend for life is something every one of us desires. What doubles up on the happiness quotient is that there is a double dose of them! The happiness that a dog brings to your life is something that cannot be explained in words.

People are usually cautious when they are getting their first dog home, but become easy while adopting a second dog. Thence begin al the problems! So if you are planning on bringing a second bundle of joy to your home, we present to you a list of seven dog breeds that you can consider adopting!

Labrador – It is one of the most popular breed of all times. One cannot simply go wrong with these super friendly mush-balls! They were initially kept as fishermen’s help and have proven to be great ‘assistance’ dogs for handicapped people. And with other family dogs there are inseparable!


Source: https://bit.ly/1NyC2lZ

Lhasa Apso – Originally from Tibet, this breed is a perfect family companion and a loyal protector in its own right! Count on this one to gel u with your dog well, whie maintaining his own stye!

Image 2 (700x466)

Source: https://bit.ly/1TghMdl

English Bulldog – They are a dog’s version of what a cuddly bear would look like! This breed loves children, naps and lots of food. Not necessarily in the same order! This dog-doll is gonna be a fan of your dog!

Image 3 (700x438)

Source: https://bit.ly/23UZJhO

Chihuahua – Make no mistake, this pint sized breed has been ranked amongst the top ten watchdogs. This is a self-sufficient breed and requires minimum grooming and exercise. Every lazy owner’s perfect dream and every lazy pet's too!!

Image 4 (700x438)

Source: https://bit.ly/1QhYyPT

Pembroke Welsh Corgi – Keep that cookie jar handy, this eager to please breed is a friendly soul, great with children and other pets. And believe us, your dog is gona have a lot of fun around this monkey of a dog.


Source: https://bit.ly/1NxotmS

Pug – Part of the American Kennel Club, this is a very social breed. It has been often said that they show great understanding when it comes to reading their human and furbuddies' emotions!

Image 6 (700x525)

Source: https://bit.ly/1XEPYka

Golden Retrievers – A breed that never ever tires. By default, an extremely friendly dog breed; one look at them and you will be forever hooked to them. Look nowhere else if you have a Goldie in mind to be your second dog, your furbaby will thanks you always for this decision!

Image 7 (700x438)

Source: https://bit.ly/26aRK2b

These are but a few of the many adorable babies that you can look up to adopt as a companion to your fubaby. But all said and done, remember to be a good parent to them because for dogs, their only motto in life is, “Till death do us apart.”

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