7 Guidelines And Instructions Your Dog Is Born With! (Must Read)

03 Jun 2016 | by Prekshita Patwa | Posted in: Wag News

WOOOF WOOOF Lazy humans! All your life you were too lazy to get out of bed right? But its so much easier with us around, we know!! Thats because we're too good at training you and making your life perfect! Read below for more awesome instructions we're born with:


1. To take away all your silly pilly stress, and replace it with fun and joy!

Right nooooo? When was the last time you cried and didn't find a smiling face looking up to you and telling you its all gonna be okay? *slurp*




2. To detect (touch wood) if you develop any health problem.

We hate it when we get to know, but we hope it benefits you if we detect cancer at an early stage. :(



3. To fill you up with inner peace!

When you pet us, play with us, or simply look at us. We know you're inside is becoming more calm and you feel light.




4. To make you shy creatures a lot SOCIALLY ACTIVE!

Oh please, you've started going out on better dates because of us. Plus, you also have much better friends after we came into your life. 


5. To make you more kind and caring!

You're our favourite, most precious human ever. And thats because you care a great deal for us, and we can sense it. This has made you more caring in general, and that makes us proud.




6. To make you lazy bums get up and exercise daily!

W-A-L-K W-A-L-K pleeeaaase? Sounds like us, doesn't it! And all those endless times you had to run after us because we took plastic in our mouth? Ya thats called exercise too.




7. To make your day end perfectly by our side!

Sleepy time is our favourite. We make sure we relieve you of all the stress from work and family. Its our main job to make sure you have a perfect day end and a perfect day beginning.