7 home chores your dog you can train your dog to help around with

12 Sep 2016 | by | Posted in: Wag News

Did you know, you can teach your dog simple chores like taking the garbage out, getting the newspaper, and even brewing up a good cup of tea or coffee in the morning. Dogs are eager learners. Also, if you are the kind of owner who is on the go, a well-trained housekeeper in a dog is something that could make your life more convenient.

Here are some of the chores your dog can help around with:

1. Train your dog to fetch the newspaper


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When you walk along your dog every day and let your dog carry the newspaper, within a few days your dog might learn to fetch the newspaper without your help.


2. Opening and closing the door


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Whenever someone rings the bell, you can have your dog open and close the door. When you teach your dog to focus their paws on the handle of the door, they will learn to open and close the doors of rooms, refrigerator, cabinets, etc.


3. Removing the trash


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Not only can you teach your dog to drop garbage in the garbage can but also drop their own toys in the basket and keep the area clean. Encourage your dog leave the garbage bag in the trash can using this instruction. Treat your dog every time they drop the garbage in the right can.


4. Pick up and drop


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You can easily teach your dog these instructions. When you teach them the meaning of pick up, they can help you pick up any item you have dropped. Be it a cell phone, remote, glasses, or any other item that you want to pick them up. Use the same instruction that you have taught them to pick up and drop the garbage for general items too.


5. Waking up sleepy family members


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You can teach your dogs to wake up family members. This is a good way to start the day. You can teach them how to pull the sheet covers. You can also teach your dog to beckon everyone and bring them to dinner table during dinner time.


6.  Digging your garden

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If you have a home garden, you can take your dogs help to shovel in your garden to plant flowers and seeds. It takes a lot of effort on the part of the owner to teach the dog to mow the lawn.


7. Vacuum clean the floor


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Rinsing dishes using the dishwasher, cleaning the floor using a vacuum cleaner, are some of the house chores you can teach your dog at home. It’s easy to teach them these chores by giving them treats.

When you train your dog any of these house chores, you can be assured, they would do a good job once they learn it thoroughly. So, what have you trained your dog to do today?


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