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There are hundreds of dog breeds that you see daily. Everyone is unique and looks different. Most of the dog breeds do look very customary; however some of them have a very bizarre appearance. With the special structure, features make them exceptional and extraordinary. Here we have a compilation of seven most unusual dog breeds that might blow your mind.


1. Bedlington Terrier


Image Source: aboutdogbedlingtonterrier.blogspot.com

Bedlington Terrier hails from England and looks very familiar to lamb. But don’t be confused, it is a dog. With round head and arched back, this breed is active and truly agile.


2. Puli


Image Source: kingofwallpapers.com

Puli comes from Hungary that guards the livestock and flock. It is popular for its corded coat and appears as a mop. Considered as really hard working breed, Puli’s coat is waterproof making them fit for wet weather. These dogs are intelligent and highly active.


3. Bergamasco


Image Source: en.wikipedia.org

Bergamasco is a herding dog from Italy, best known for its long and felted coat. Its coat is flat in flocks and mats. Apart from being a livestock guardian, they are a great family companion too.


4. Norwegian Lundehund


Image Source: www.vetstreet.com

Also known as Norsk Lundehund is a small dog hailing from Norway. What makes this dog breed unique is that it has six fully joint toes on each foot. Also, Norsk Lundehund is flexible and ca squeeze through small openings easily.


5. Xoloitzcuintli


Image Source: siggysparadise.com

Also called Mexican Hairless dog has been in existence for more than 3000 years. The breed is found in both ways, hairless and coated. Xoloitzcuintli is a calm dog, however, loves to be independent. Hence, it is not suggested for the first time dog owner.


6. Pumi


Image Source: www.dogbreedstandards.com

This dog resembles more to a cartoon character than a real dog. Pumi is basically a herding dog from Hungary, who is intelligent, expressive and very active. One has to be alert and keep an eye on Pumi. Their highly vigorous lifestyle makes it difficult for a pet owner to live with.


7. Çatalburun


Image Source: doggiespaws.wordpress.com

Çatalburun dog breed has a three split-nosed makes them different from others. They are enthusiastic and have a better sense of smell as compared to other dogs. This one is amongst the rarest dog breed in the world today.


No matter how they look, how different they are. For dog lovers like us, every dog will make us go Awww…