7 Pet Photography Tips Every Dog-Parent Must Know About!

02 Apr 2016 | by Prekshita Patwa | Posted in: Wag News

If you live with a dog, or if your friend has a dog, you keep clicking him all the time! Selfies and pictures using a DSLR have become very common. We're going to tell you some secrets hat will make your doggie's picture come out the best! Have a look:


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1. The Right Angle To Click 

It is very important that you pet feels comfortable and at ease, so instead of forcing him to come to you go to him. Most important is to get down to his level; We all know how a dog looks when viewed from above, this is the way we always see them. Show us the way they see world! Sit on the floor or lie on your belly and remember to shoot from HIS eye level or below.


2. The Bright, The Better

If possible always use natural light when taking your pet in picture. Avoid flash, as flash burst can, not only cause red-eye, but also frighten the animal. Instead try to go outside or, if it is not possible, in a room well lit by a large window.


3. Show Them The Way They Are

Got a lazy dog at home? Show him YAWWN... Got a runner pooch? Show his excited face....


4. Dress Them Up

Experiment and you'll see results!

Award-winning professional photographer Tamara Lackey, shows how to manage and click dogs!! She shares more of her expert portrait photography tips as she wrangles two mischievous (but adorable) golden retriever puppies.

VIDEO CHANNEL: Nations Photo Lab


5. Be Patient

This is very important. To get a decent perfect shot of your furry buddy, give him time. 


6. Surprise And Get Their Attention

One of the most difficult things is to let your pet hold still. An easy trick is to let him play quietly and, once you have everything ready, let someone call for him or whistle. This will surprise him and caught his attention and you will have a few seconds to capture him in a nice and alert posture


7. Highlight Their Beautiful Eyes

As they say, “Eyes are the Window to the Soul” and pets eye can be very expressive. So make sure to focus on your pet’s eyes and keep the tack sharp.



The weekend is here! Grab your camera, dress up your pooch and get going! HAPPY CLICKING!

Also if you have wonderful pictures of your dog, share them with us along with your story at: prekshita@dogspot.in