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7 Reasons To Date A Dog Owner

15 Jun 2016 | by | Posted in: Wag News


Image Source: nypost.com

It was my rule that you should love dogs in order to date me! Yes! You heard that right! Lucky enough, my soul mates loves dogs. According to studies, women tend to be more inclined towards men who love dogs. You would ask why? Well, being a dog parent teaches you how to case, how to be considerate and most importantly be happy in life. Here are our top 7 reasons why one should date a dog owner.


1. Social

Image Source: holykaw.alltop.com

Dogs love to socialize. Verify this by taking your dog to a park, he would be running, playing and exploring all the way. For the same reason, people who are dog owners mingle well and are extrovert. Hence, we can safely say that dog helps pet parents to be social and be much more connected in their communities.


2. Responsible

Image Source: heyroverberightover.com

Learning how to take of an animal requires a lot of commitment and patience. Before making any plans, he/she would first take into consideration the well being of their pet. Putting other’s needs first before yours is one quality that you would adore in your partner. Isn’t it?


3. Playful

Dog owner

Image Source: www.urdogs.com

We all know that dogs are utterly social. And being social, they bring out the playful side of their owner. Don’t you think that is one of the best characteristics that you could be looking for in your partner?


4. Forgiving


Image Source: www.mnn.com

Anyone who has ever owned a dog, totally comprehend that accidents can happen anytime, be it peeing on the carpet, pooping shoes, chewing up your socks, a pup can do all of these. A dog owner knows how to forgive and this attitude is important and healthy for a relationship.


5. Easy Going


Image Source: zen-dogs.com

If you have ever been with a dog, you know that they just want to be happy and chill. This kind of attitude is pure love and contagious. According to certain stats, pup owners are easy going and laid-back.


6. Thoughtful

Dog owner

Image Source: mommiesmagazine.com

When you are a pet parent, you become much more considerate and thoughtful than you were before. If your pup growls bark or whimper, you understand that something must be bothering him. Understanding what your partner needs, or what is bothering your partner is an important part of a relationship.


7. Loyal


Image Source: quotesgram.com

You would totally understand that how loyal your fur ball is towards you. Hence, dogs are pure inspiration for you to be loyal towards your partners. As per studies, pup owners tend to be much more loyal and faithful towards their partners as compared to non-dog owners.

Time to update your dating profile, isn’t it?

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