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7 Signs Your Dog is in Pain and Trying to Hide it From You!

28 Apr 2016 | by | Posted in: Wag News


When we have back pain or anything, we go see a doctor or tell our parents about it. Ever imagined if your pet is in pain, how will they let you know? Seeing our pets in pain is certainly one of the worst things we could experience. To comfort your dog as parents, you need to understand their signs and symptoms, which would help you to determine their pain. Here are few signs that will help you find out whether you r furry little friend is in pain or not.


A change in your dog’s walk is one of the major signs of his health. Limping, favoring one leg or hobbling are the ciphers that show that something might not be right with your dog’s health.

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Energy Level

If your dog is active all the times and has been acting languid recently; then this means he isn’t feeling well. It’s time you should comfort him just like he comforts you when you aren’t feeling well.

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Lack of appetite is another principal sign of distress. If you notice him shying away from food, then make sure that you don’t delay the veterinary visit. This might be a sign of some serious ailment.

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Dogs who have pain in eyes often squint. Furthermore, their pupils get smaller, sometimes dilated. If pupils grow bigger, this is the sign of pain in some other part of the body. Ensure that you make a quick visit to a vet.

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Aggressive behavior

Some dogs get a bit more aggressive when they are in pain. They go into a self-protection mode and keep themselves distant from the parents. This is the symptom that something serious is hurting your dog. He might also start growling, or biting or pinning back his ears. These signs showcase that a quick vet visit is necessary.

angry dog with bared teeth

Distorted Breathing

If your dog is panting without exercising, then don’t wait-up, straight-away take him to the vet. Altered breathing pattern, such as shallower or faster breath is not a good sign.

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If your dog is in pain, you wouldn’t find him lying comfortably in a single position. He would find a little difficulty in lying or staying. They’ll get up instantaneously and roam around again, because they aren’t comfortable. Get them checked immediately if you find them fidgety.

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