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8 Disgusting Habits That Are Completely Normal For Dog Owners!

04 Jul 2016 | by | Posted in: Life with Dogs


But guys, let's be honest. Not all things we do for our dogs are appreciated by normal people. For some reason beyond our understanding, we get those LOOKS from people. When we:


1. Let our beloved munchkin give us a kiss full of saliva. Even in the morning right after waking up!


Image Source: barkpost


2. Send awesome pictures to our friends giving them a live update of how great our dog is!


Image Source: barkpost


3. Like to brush their butt hair. We could really become butt designers, no kidding. And that's our favorite part to brush!


Image Source: barkpost


4. Think it's not weird to wipe off the saliva with our own hands instead of using a tissue or napkin. 


Image Source: barkpost


5. When we use our dog's brush on our hair too. We don't need those 'good hairstyle' articles and videos. We're cool cause we have a cool doggie!


Image Source: barkpost


6. Ask our dogs to spread their legs to look for those filthy ticks and fleas. Hate them, hate it when our baby has them!


Image Source: barkpost


7. Allow our dog to lick our feet. It's just like cream full of love. Nothing weird bro.


Image Source: barkpost


8. Share our bed with this awesome animal. Nothing bothers us to sleep with a ball of fur who sometimes takes our whole bed.


Image Source: barkpost


What are you waiting for? Maybe your dog is drooling right now, go wipe it with your hand, guys! And tell us about your habits too!

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