8 dog breed groups as defined by AKC

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Are you thinking of bringing home a furry new family member? Have you done your research? Have you finalized which dog breed will steal your heart away and make your heart skip a beat every time they lick you or give you those puppy eyes? Well, in that case, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!

The American Kennel Club, established in 1884, is the foremost authority in the world of dog breeds. We bring to you a broad segregation of the 8 dog breed groups that the breeds have been divided into. At present the American Kennel Club recognizes 184 dog breeds.

Companion Dogs

bull dogs
As the name suggests, dogs in this group are small dogs who are excellent companions to their families. Companion dogs include Cavalier King Charles, English Bull Dog, Chihuahua, French Bull Dog, Dalmatian, Lhasa Apso, to name a few.

Herding Dogs
Herding dogs were have been primarily bred to herd large flocks of cattle and sheep. These dogs are extremely intelligent, confident and make excellent watch dogs. they are great with children but might have the problem of nipping at ankles, in grown from their herding history. Belgian Malinois, German Shepherd, Corgi, Collies to name a few belong to this group.


Hounds are one of the oldest hunting dogs in the world. There are two types of hounds – sight hounds and scent hounds.  Curious and intelligent, Hounds love to explore their surroundings and thereby are extremely active and fun loving. Beagles, Afghan Hound, basset Hound, daschund and Rhodhesian Ridgeback are some of the popular hounds.

Sporting Group
Sporting Group is one of the most popular dog breed groups and includes Pointers, retrievers, Setters and Spaniels. Sporting dogs are extremely intelligent, active, alert and make wonderful family pets. Pointers, retrievers and Setters are also being used as therapy dogs and working class dogs in law enforcement agencies and safety and security positions.

Working Dog Groups


Working dog breeds are the dogs specially bred to be a part of different occupations. Many are being used in law enforcement agencies, search & rescue operations, therapy dogs, guide dogs and medical aid dogs.

Terrier Groups


Tenacious, fiesty, stubborn yet extremely adorable, Terriers are wonderful dogs for active families

Toy breeds


Toy breeds are excellent companions for first time owners as well as those who may not have large spaces for the dogs.

Mixed breeds


Mixed breeds are perfect for all families.Mixed breed dogs are created when dogs are cross bred. Mostly affectionate, mixed breed dogs take the best of both breeds and are hence healthy and sturdy.


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