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8 Dogs Who Cross Their Hands And Have Something To Say To You!

05 Jul 2016 | by | Posted in: Funny Posts

When your dog crosses his paws it looks super cute, right? Like you just want to keep looking at how perfectly his paws go together!

We're sure you'll love these dogs for being so hilarious and cute at the same time:


1. "Let me just melt your strong heart with my cute face and the pose I copied from you!"


Image Source: barkpost

2. "Hey bestieeee! What'ya got there buddy... I know I said no gifts but it is fine I'll take that because you got it for me out of looooove!"


Image Source: barkpost


3. "Oh ya, I was born this way. Absolutely dazzling. 146 guys have already proposed to me this year.."


Image Source: barkpost

4. "She said no, but who cares as long as I can ask out Sandy tomorrow. Let me just master this pose"


Image Source: barkpost

5. "Don't even try to blame the fart on me. I very well know you did it, mister. Shame shame..! "


Image Source: barkpost

6. "Hey, we just met, but can we be the best girlfriends and have a sleepover at my place tomorrow night? I'll rent bride wars!"


Image Source: barkpost

7. "Well look who decided to come home after all. You have some serious explaining to do sir"


Image Source: imgur

8. "Your phone bill just came sweetie, we need to talk, come sit, don't be scared"


Image Source: imgur

9. "Because mom said I was supposed to look shy and smile just a little bit for the picture in my bio-data.."


Image Source: ccprc

10. "I don't show it, but I'm stuck! I feel like if I let my legs off the sofa my front would collapse. Wait why did I even get on the sofa, my Hooman was right, bad things happen when you sit on the furniture.."


Image Source: instagram

The next time your dog crosses his leg don't forget to take a picture and share it with us with a really cool caption in the comments section below!

Oh! Almost forgot to give you options for your dog to comfortably come down of and leave your sofa alone!


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