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8 Good Reasons To Get A Dog

04 Jul 2014 | by | Posted in: Wag Brag

“Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole” - Roger Caras


Dogs bite and tear, poop a lot, take up significant amounts of time and energy. But dogs are also a source of unfiltered happiness and love. Apart from that, what other reasons are there to get one?

1. Fitness

You can’t be couch potato and a dog owner at the same time. Your canine friend will make you take them out for walks, everyday, without fail.


2. Stress relief

 Feeling broken, beat, scarred? Go talk to your dog about it and feel better immediately.


stress relief


3. Responsibility for kids

 Although it should not be the sole reason for getting one, but a dog at home definitely teaches your kids a great deal about responsibility. You will also be bringing them an unconditionally loving companion.


respnsibility for kids


4. Loyalty

A dog wouldn't hate you for leaving them for an extended period of time. They will wait for you and miss you everyday till you come back. Know the story of Hachiko?


loyal dog


5. Makes you love nature

Dogs love to get out, explore and taking in new scents. If you get a dog, you are bound to start loving your natural surroundings more. And that’s a beautiful thing.


bringing you closer to nature



6. Entertainment

The words dog and boring cannot be together in one sentence!




7. Protection

Your dog will instinctively protect you from any kind of danger while not caring much about his or her own safety.




8. Dogs are awesome

The best reason to get a dog? Dogs. Are. Awesome!


dogs are awesome

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